Wednesday, September 26, 2012

eBay to ebay and a the POLE SHIFT

 Was  1998 then mate/partner and I started selling eBay to supplement a brick&mortar store. Since eBay has many times been an economic blessing in my personal financial life. We were all young in the web sales, grew together as friends who called on the phone and they sent Birthday T-shirts. This past 2011 went back selling after a long break to Downsize with profits used to purchase items for the new paradigm lifestyle development. A great exchange while learning lessons in letting go. Still working on it, and in the course began selling my Crystal Healing Stones ready to move on to others. As blog community dwindled this opened up opportunity to express new paradigm awareness to a newly awakened&unawakened public.

Another aspect to this , without realizing it, I've developed a new occupation by creating new ways for the healing stones to assist humanity in daily life. Sharing how merging their energy with ours  creates healing. Another Going Green natural facet of the new frequency. eBay also has changed stepping into the new paradigm awareness ~ in it's own way. Now this realization floored me! I've been angered with their treatment of Mom&Pop sellers and small businesses which created their wealth. They opened their doors to the Chinese sellers on the US site. China manufactures all our goods and this means they are selling direct to the public at the same price they wholesale to US businesses for. They're also drop-shipping which lacks service, as well as compliance with rules eBay imposes on other sellers. I've been aware of this for a few months, watching as the tables were turned upside down to hurt the American eBay Seller in an already failing economy. Sadly  harming the buyer too, but these eBay's ethics lesson as they become ebay.

This is all part of the Divine Plan Pole Shift,  but it's taken me this long to fully accept balancing my emotional Poles. This is the Economic Pole Shift, the Pole Shift is Spiritual and also Physical (as above so below) for Earth and her Social Re-structuring. The East & West have shifted the Spiritual Pole from Tibet to S.America; and now comes the shift of China being the Economic Power, not the USA anymore. This is Divine Plan, created to balance equality of the world.

Sadly eBay is now ebay  forcing big business concepts on the sellers who built them.  Civil right not being unable to express beliefs/religion are being stepped on.  Many religious beliefs of Witches, Wicca, Pagan and Spiritualists were just shut down.I wonder if they stepped on the toes of Christians and Islamic etc. selling their beliefs??? The format in which I began expressing my beliefs has now been shut down as listings must state only the information about the item. Means this business is no longer a venue of individuality, it's become the same old dye-cut plastic Chinese merchandise you find at Wallyworld. Mom&Pop with the unique, hand crafted, collectibles and antiques are drowning in the wake of all the Chinese plastic and poor quality crap .

This coming Full Moon on Saturday Sept 29th will create the appropriate energy from Aries/Libra energy as a rebellious time for assertion with compromise to find a new harmonic balance. We go with the flow and at the time must work at putting ego in balance for acceptance of changes that we know in the end are or the greater good of all, but not necessarily to ours in the moment. So now to deal with the balancing of economic Poles and finding the tactful way to get new paradigm Oneness into listing information...........
P.S.A laugh ebay comes up as incorrect and misspelled but eBay doesn't ...

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Anonymous said...

I am a seller of 12 years on Ebay of all things witchy and wonderful and the good that I will take from the current changes and possible future ones is that, after much fear and trembling, I have opened my own web site... finally!
It has forced me to grow, and perhaps a gain of greater stability and many new opportunities to foster my talents will be the result.
No change, or birthing of new ideas, comes without a bit of pain and worry.

aKuna Kumara said...

So agreed..
Read your last blog on how you were warned change was coming so changed arrived!