Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pulling the Disappearing Act ~~ the invisible

Life sure has changed for me recently, not just in the physical but on the web too. First: on the web I use to have tons of blog followers, most read without commenting, but they were there and may responded in private messages with questions. At a new blog home only a few even seem to notice my existence regardless of the subject matter, it's the same elsewhere. It's same in physical, seems as if I've become invisible to the world. Even people who I must deal with such as store clerks or owners speak, but it's not with the same friendly recognition or warmth as before, and having placed several special orders ~ they just didn't order. I mean it's like I was never there and never placed an order. Several other clerks that use to be really friendly act as if they don't know me.  My girlfriend mentioned noticing this happening not just with me but herself too, she  said she has a feeling of invisibility lately.  I'm supper glad for her communication cause shehelps me to stay balanced and sane.
**I started to contemplate this several months back.

The more I noticed the more clarity I was getting with more confusion too. First I realize clearly this happened with son on the days he worked and sometimes even the next day. Clarity came when realizing it was when he had been in the outer world among people who have no interest in 12/21/2012 ascension and are making  no effort to raise resonance or clear out the stuff that no longer serves them to assist in raising frequency. Most are raising vibration, but it's at a much slower progression when not doing so consciously. So he is experiencing in lower frequency, unaware he must put effort into holding a higher frequency when stepping into that denser frequency world. When he comes home it takes him a bit before again raising to his highest vibration to meet the frequency of harmony that exists in this protected dome
**What a wonderful view he is giving me of what has been told to us for so
many years by spiritual guidance.

He is not consciously working to raise frequency, he has nothing to do with this whole idea of the cosmic cycle change. It was realized a few years ago while watching Gregg Braden on TV specials, I was much better remaining silent for the most part on the subject or he would, cause it's Mom, resist consciously. By not discussing it he is unconsciously subjected to my raising energy and that of the crystals in this space. The natural thing for energy to do is seek the highest resonance for harmony. He is more rapidly raising his frequency by being in the higher resonance night and day and therefore consciously not resisting. So when he returns from a denser vibration he's allowed his frequency to lower, he sees me but is not fully connecting to me (I am energy, as is he), thus he perceives he is dealing with me but isn't because I hold my resonance in a higher state where denser energy can not function fully. I could function with him  by lowering my frequency, but will not atthis point risk this since I'm still in that vulnerable state of being the new student at holding a higher vibration in the lesser density of this new higher dimension.

So INVISIBLE (clost to it) yup that's why if your feeling slighted and hurt by
people snubbing you ~ they aren't really so don't be. Know that the higher your
frequency raises the less the denser energy beings are able to connect with you.
There will come that time when they start asking "What ever happened to so and so", and standing next to them you can whisper in their ear~ "I'm right here~ raise your vibration and you'll recognize me." [yes you'll see them
they will not see you, this is how  energy frequency works.

Comments and discussion is welcome .. it's how we share our wisdom

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