Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crystal Allies for Transforming Thinking

It's that time of year and that time in this new Aquarius Cycle for us to sit down and view what we are expressing as our life experience. In this new cycle we are working under energy vibrations in which we can change our belief and thought to create the life expression we desire....That's longer are we compelled to operate under the old paradigm program as we can be with our own effort the creators of our reality. Oh yes we co-create the basics of  the cosmos, planet, planetary elements and species and by agreement how these things work, but
we then can via the vibrations of our inner thought create a reality in which we express a vibrational experience we desire. Let me explain cause I know and have experienced this ability to master my reality experience, but I'm presently in a course of perfecting this so it becomes not a conscious effort but the way in which I personally function as a being ~Sub-consciously then Un-consciously.
Example: adult son returned to live here as the catalyst for expansion of my evolutionary awareness. Through him I've come  to recognize he does not only not think about me, either do others when they disrupt my flow, they are thinking about themselves.  So my fretting creates unnecessary stress on me.  Through this I also recognized the newest of my tenants is thinking of himself with no thought of me or lease terms which are mine, but he's thinking about himself. Fretting again is useless cause no one is thinking about me but me; and they are only thinking about them...  This puts a whole new slant on my inner-actio with others in light of common rules of inner-action and terms of legal agreements. In an effort to create harmony between myself and others I've tried to put things in writing, so they see it as part of them not me, since they aren't going to be thinking of me.  Now this becomes even harder for me when you recognize I'm the one in authority ~ as the landlord which is emotionalized much like the hated tax collector, police, or government. We are functioning in an energy of rebellion, so as an authority figure I'm having my authority challenged and rebelled against. This is the very first time I've actually recognized this and it's a real mind blower, indicating I must attempt to change the light within to change how I'm preceived..

Now  last night I was directed to contemplate which ally stones to place under my pillow so their energy could merge with my aura. Having some spiritual guidance I can see with the above realization the chose allies did their job of merging their energy perfectly. Qualities according to personal findings and Robert Simmons.
*Rose / Pink Quartz = holds the unconditional love vibration towards all things.
*Rosophia = like pink quartz dealing with the 4th chakra heart creating serenity and a sense of softening with no sense of loss of inner strength as we feel a heart centerdness. It remedies low self-worth, fear of future and mistrust of others and such stress related reoccurring problems. Encouraging sense of self based in heart's truth rather than egos pride. It's qualities are vastly more expansive then even this.
*Azeztulite Clear Satyalka=Vibrates the energy frequency of enlightenment. It sends a powerful surge through the Crown Chakra into the heart infusing the Lightof Source. It can if worked with help one become the beacon of Spiritual Light inthe world which many spiritual being of India vibrate. 
These were the perfect choice to place my thinking in my Heart Mind and out of my physical ego centered
mind, so I can now think of others as unified aspects of the self, thus creating a more unconditional love based inner-action within the confines of the old paradigm of societies legal structures preserving individual rights with a harmonic balance of energy for the opposing positions..

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