Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flowing with the stress of Forced Change

My path is to help others understand what is going on in their lives, if I can, by relating what occurs in my life. It's sometimes easier seeing examples rather than just reading the basics. For instance another astrologer pointed out the Aquarian Papers by Robert Wilkinson~ great writes even if your not  into astrology. He said something that really hit home we are at "A Fork in the Road" as shown by transits at this time, and this is just what the Hopi said would occur. I'm sure they read this in the cosmos too.  It clarifies and puts visible proof to my channeled information that we have been experiencing chaos in our world which began building in mid 1990's. I relate to it having had a store as economic trouble began creeping in under the bushes (pun), at the time our effort to supplement store with what was then a new online format of eBay.  The old and new merging, and we are still doing this. My channeled info. says this upheaval in our world systems will continue in earnest till 2016, then ebb ironing itself out by around 2020/21. (Wilkinson says 2015&2020) All this is told in the transit position Pluto square Uranus, and  septile-driven configurations from outer (world) planets that trigger individuals and nations on to a "forks in the road of destiny." It is as he says creating a collective atmosphere that is keeping everyone dancing on razor's edge of recurring important life decisions. This is why we are revisiting old issues of Gun Control, Taxes, Wars, economics and employment, etc., creating a perpetual pressure of choices that never seem to end. He said "We’ve been visited by the irrationality of the overarching “rights” in defense of corporate "personhood," including the perpetuation of a global financial system that works against the well-being  of all." I'm dealing myself with the old systems treading on rights and attempting to seek harmony in new more rational ways. In the process some of the things I did in past are coming back to haunt me (unjustly) cause that just is how we had to deal with things according to the law of the world. I mean like my mortgage company stipulations forced me to act in certain ways that wasn't always for greater good of tenant & landlord.  Now all this irrationality is being forced into transformation via cosmic energy and I'm free to make more choices cause the mortgage is paid and the tenants are no longer under lease but mo. to mo. and of an age they can cooperate in a different way.

Not all of us are involved in the world issues, but rather like myself Retired, I am involved in personal economic/social issues an Aquarius thing, and my Moon is Aquarius is being effected with Sun in Aquarius now.  Not so much world/town community, but with the personal community I've developed on this property as a Pocket of Light consisting of a few inner-acting individuals of like resonance. I was sleeping with Selenite and three days ago was driven to change (yesterdays blog) because vibrations that rose created a great deal of anger in me from past and present events. I've now managed to see how events progressively created this. These are lessons of learning acceptance as I'm forced into evaluating changes between my legal responsibility to govern and creating equality for tenants. Reminding us of Einstein’s said about not being able to solve a problem using the means that created the problem. (the prime example in the wold is irrationally believing  “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun". My personal situation is stopping a tenant who thinks he can rule the roost with my legal position  of ruling  the roost...this brings about a great deal of creativity in finding ways to protect
the rights of us both within the yet governing laws of tenancy, transforming my attitude from Supervisory to Stewardship,  with the fine line of my being the only one legally responsible the property itself.  Irrational changes are hard to work though...I'm realizing the pressures on me isn't going to suddenly stop tomorrow, it will continue just as the reoccurring irrational world issues...
so I've been able to release most of that anger knowing change takes time to evolve, and I don't need to produce final solutions today.  It's also released that anger at myself for having done what I had to by law and also having to stand this ground as a woman in a business world of men; knowing now energy is ripe for a more rational action of equality for the greater good of the many.

I've shared this hoping the example will strike a cord of some  situation, however different in your personal life, and perhaps allow you to find  momentary harmonic balance as we continue to evolve in this new frequency  transforming our world.

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kathyinozarks said...

I always enjoy reading you Akuna

Akuna Kumara said...

Thanks so much Kathy for commenting I'd love more people to give their comments it would then help direct my attention on what is going on with them..