Thursday, January 24, 2013

Found that "I don't give a damn my dear"

 Today I woke with a strange attitude..It's the energy! Temperatures been cold sharp and seems my mind has suddenly lost the warm smog and is cold crisp and sharp too.There's lots of clarity at this moment...and this is good cause each moment feels new, and we can make it what we want and I think what has happened is the energy which was that karmic smog simply played itself out, dissipated out of the space cause my resonance rose to where I'm no longer a part of it.. There was something in the energy that moved my mind smog. This didn't happen for everyone ~ but it will...this is just my ah ha moment with it. We're told this new vibrational frequency will be such that we can vibrate into being any life reality experiences we desire. This being so, somewhere along the way I realized that One-Pointed-Focus must be applied if the old reality is to fade and the new become the picture. You can't keep the old programs running old underlying anguish resentment or even love with the old energy which once created them, it simply must all be removed if we expect  the new downloads to function properly. This means we must only apply the new programing. We may not be able to completely clean and totally delete the memory of what once was, but the emotions that held them in place as part of us must be gone. This is where I'm at.  It's as if today I woke with a clear slate ~ now I'll say this ~ we think we know, but we can't really know until we experience it. As it truly is that "I don't give a damn my dear". My feelings toward people and things are gone, and I feel open to relate and love them with a whole new kind of vibrational energy....the attachment to all things is gone.[many of you will understand this if you ever had a relationship end, and you just got to that point you didn't care cause you had no feeling toward it or the person.Something snaps like the cord is cut or the switch is turned off and this is what happened with everything not just a relationship for me in this moment]

Early this morning I made a written list of all, and I do mean all, the things in my life which are in process of collapsing, from the buildings around me to the people, even the much anticipated Hockey team which on return to a short season lost 3 of 3 games. I'm at a point of saying "I don't give a damn my dear" and that has nothing to do with depression or not caring, it's a feeling that goes with the emotional stuff of the past, all of which does not pertain to this new moment in which, without it, I can really create it to be as I choose... I'm not even feeling
for my adult children ~nothing is there and the vibration that goes with the thought of them is completely new and I sense it forming a new level of love not just for them but for the other people that run across my mind as well as things. There is no more attachment of that muddled smog which apparently comes from underlying emotion created by past events (like births, struggles, joys pains etc) that residual emotion does not exist. There is only the clear crisp sharp new sensation of energy which is  a totally clean slate, and devoid of centuries of past life and years of this life emotions. It really is an~ I don't give a damn ~ non-emotion, cause there is none of that smog that once existed as karmic dust. They said karma would no longer be part of this new vibration and I though I knew what that meant...Now I feel what it means. It's a vibration of loving all without any attachment to it and at the same time knowing it's all part of your wholeness being expressed in a different way..this isn't a mental knowing it's a feeling permeating every cell.

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kathyinozarks said...

sounds like a good place to be Akuna

Akuna Kumara said...

yes Kathy I think it may prove out where we are meant to be going..

Jenny said...

This is a beautiful blog but hard to read...see the words.

Akuna Kumara said...

ok Jenny thanks for this info..I will maybe have to change the type...especially for these hand held devises...I appreciate know this