Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Vibration Seeks Harmonic Balance

 Clearly I believe if we take the time to be noticing, we will find that many of us who carry an interest of working on ourselves to become better us in someway, will find we are progressively taking steps up a ladder becoming just this. Awhile back something happened where I suddenly started feeling anger at peoples actions and attitudes, and expressing much of it when it pertained to my personal life. I knew my reaction was way off base regardless of where it was coming from, even if it was right on as new higher principal..
Explain:  I never use to loose my temper, never expressed anger, always remained calm...The perfect Buddhist example of inner peace. I found over more resent times, suddenly I was doing all those more dense things and it became more and more pronounced IE resulting High Blood Pressure. I also knew it was because of the things
people did (the same as they had always done) which had become so much more disharmonious with my own vibration. Like people who chained pets outside in dog houses made me angry before, today that makes me livid. Animals are our equals simply beings in a different form and we should as stewards of this planet treat them as such. Tenants who don't take their pets out to do business and allow them to do it on the slatted wood patio made me angry, then the other day I was livid that not only should a animal be so insulted, but that any person should be so inconsiderate to a tenant living beneath them. Offences such as this hold a far greater energy than they once did because we as a species in this world have come to recognize we are all One and what one of us does effects the other.  Thus we can expect more of each other.

Now Spirit had a grand ol sit down talk with me over night due to adult son and this abrasive tenant. It was explained that there is just so long each of us gets to pull our energy up to meet this new harmonic level of inner-action. When that point has been reached discordant people must be removed from our life ~ to save our sanity. Why cause of resonance. We can not live with those of a vibration that is constantly abrasive to our own, it makes no matter if we are at the lower vibration level or the higher vibration of this discordance, it's not the level it's the discordance that sets us out of balance. We can be just so unbalanced before it tips us completely over the edge of the sanity scale.  Wow..with that statement I understand completely.
#One I've felt like I was loosing it and couldn't understand how when I've been applying higher consciousness principals to my attitudes from belief.
#Two cause something like this occurred when the 12yr relationship ended, where he did go bonkers (and I'd felt fear and frustration at extreme levels) cause I refused to give him life rights to my property over my children inheriting it,  and intended to hold true to agreements I'd made years earlier with my then husband even though he had long since passed away. Feeling a promise is a promise! and it doesn't change just cause one of us transitioned our vibrational energy form and space.

Boy is this whole thing of equality of all coming into clearer view. I see now how as it was said no one will be left behind, but unless we seek harmony within the new frequency we can  not survive in it.  Survival is up to us regardless at what level we vibrate, because in this new energy all is going to be based upon seeking our personalized level of harmonic balance to create the reality from within our heart. This is not determined on level of vibration but the harmony of the vibration we produce in our life. It doesn't mean we'll all be at the same or a higher level of awareness, only that at whatever level we are, we must maintain balance which will create world wide peace at all levels........What a WOW realization. For me it says only one thing I've reached my point having yesterday found that "I don't give a damn my dear" place and must rid my life of all that can not merge in a harmonic balance. Talk about Rock Your World this is as powerful as any earthquake.

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