Friday, January 25, 2013

Healing the Tramua of future Healing Tools

  Couple days ago I purchased 4lbs. of Selenite from the same guy I got the other from. He makes lovely lamps and spiraling towers from it, and this are what he removes in the process. Lots of it is a waste as it's dust and
also very very small shards..there is however enough to make pendants wands and place in packages with other stones as cleaning agents. Yesterday I received the new shipment and as always pleased with his rapid turn-around and the merchandise. Presently this is going to be placed in a cloth bag then taken to the wood to sit in the energy of the Vortex.Due to pending snow, and then rain next week, I'll cover it with secured plastic cause Selenite can not get wet. It as always will call to me when it feels it's merged completely with the essence of pure spirit from the Vortex.

Yes Selenite is self cleansing and self charging, but it has come through trauma of being worked as a cast off, shipment and mining processes, and also hold the energy of the underground mine area. This way I'm assured traces of these traumas are removed and the energy of Source in it is the purest form.  Depending on it's state of energy it could remain  in the Vortex for days or months before it is turned into Healing Tools wands and pendants .

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