Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Morning with Mother Teresa and Physics

Years ago Mother Teresa (I'm not Catholic) taught me a lesson I'm still learning to apply in my life today because it speaks volumes of advanced Physics.   She said she would not "March Against War ~~ but she WOULD MARCH FOR PEACE". Indicating awareness of all things being energy, and she would not give energy to create the things she did not want. Saying there was War to march against gave war the power to be....Therefore she'd give only Peace energy to exist in her reality...

Today I still apply this teaching because, we are learning how our actions and   words which come from thoughts created by the beliefs we hold in our heart, are instantly manifested into being.  Therefore we are reminded consistently to be "Impeccable"  in what we think do say and act upon. [recently I've given myself some powerful and quite hurtful lessons in this.] Showing me I must consciously be noticing all I do and say cause from it is created the next moment of life's experience.

I remember this as I read some recent informative blogs which I will not speak of.
I'm posting their addresses below for you to read the basics of, and act upon as you see fit. I do not even fore warm my daughter with children, but simply send information to her via email, to act upon as she sees fit. Son sees results of my example as he got the flu (more like the new one from Australia over New Years lasting 2+weeks and I got nothing!) If people are not astute enough to learn from what is before them nothing we say will have an impact. We need be living and empowering what we desire to experience and our example is the teacher.
## never had a Flu immunity and do preventive things such as a Netty Pot hand and surface washing to remove germs I do not choose to live with.  Also eat to create Alkaline homeostasis with Organic Raw Green Juicing daily which creates an environment germs don't like and can't exist in. ~ applying the energy to my desire.
##don't fight or try to protect  against the Chemtrails form the fly zone I live under. I speak to the elementials [WIND] visualizing it moving air currents to evaporate the chemtrail droplets so they do not land on my woods, ponds, pastures, garden, animal or human family. ~ applying energy toward my desire.
##begun avoiding the adversity from humans in my life who oppose the life experience I choose.  Being the one legally responsible for the property I've put in writing what must be obtained from others to create my desired experience. If they don't choose  to comply they can simply remove themselves or be removed by law. ~ applying energy toward my experiencing what I desire as my reality. 

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kathyinozarks said...

thanks for all the insight. you have spoken of this before don't fight against something but rather for something-I like this positive approach to life-thank you again for this