Wednesday, January 30, 2013

INFINITE Healing of Self and Others

Infinite - 7 Polished Stones rt401f

Infinite TM   comes from South Africa, it's an extraordinary healing stone providing nurturing energy from the base of the heart Chakra through the entire cellular structure. It's also a must for pain relief...any kind of pain. To the touch it's warm, soft, smooth, yet often succeeds when a much stronger crystal fails to work on our energy barriers with it's special techniques to break through the toughest blocks.  It's for this reason now called the "Healers Stone".

It works on bad joints, connective tissue and muscles releasing energy creating the blocks causing pain and damage with chronic pain suffering. It offers strength yet gentleness in it's energy which is angelic in nature. Infinite helps deal with past present and future all at the same time and illness that we manifest in our bodies as spiritual mental emotional and physical.  Excellent for healing patterns of loss, separation and betrayal. An excellent stone to help us work through  grief, it also aids in our connection to the Angelic realms.

It has a way of evolving one's  self-control issues, allowing one to release control over others in order to better maintain control over one's own life.  Without going into my personal past life issues, this is something which is ever present in my life. I fear not having control of my life because I recognize I create it from the energy I am. This  is not me trying to control others, but set up a  life for myself which I have control over. Such as owning property and being the landlord over those tenants to create my income for supporting myself. (it's my job and I can't be fired or laid off giving me control) When I loose control do to tenant action fear creates ANGER....because I know in truth I'm creating this from my own inner perception ~~~thus it's  self inflicted even if others appear to be party to it, they are only playing out the role I've created for them through my perception of who they are. Wow can this get twisted!

There is no better stone as an ally while I'm working through this...The problem is ~ with Anger I can't channel to create Infinite tools for others as I'd be placing my anger in those tools.  Normally I heal myself  at the same time I'm creating healing for others. (It's much like how Ho'oponopono works to heal ourselves as we're healing  our perception of others) This is a expanded course in taking Responsibility of all we create as our reality.  My present situations are teaching me how to not just know this and use it when I think of it, but to apply it daily as who I am in this new vibrational frequency...

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Akuna Kumara said...

Thanks Anonymous ...we are all in this together struggling to find our oneness of harmonic balance. Thank you for being here as it make the journey so much more positive..