Friday, February 1, 2013

Ladders We're Always Climbing

did you ever go to bed as one vibration and wake up a totally new one. Happened to me last night..I've realize one very important thing yrs ago, and this is we all pick up the vibrations we pass through, and this changes us cause it adds that vibration to ours to become what we are...this was recognized when I was only a kid, and due to that there were people places and things where lets say  "I just didn't go there". If the energy wasn't right it was avoided, some people thought that snooty ~so be it. Well my energy of late has been crappy..this is because I've not been able to be snooty. Living within the energy dome of my property are vibrations I can not avoid. Actually this was recognized several years ago when the Transmutation Pond turn black from being overworked trying to transmute their density (another story) Have been trying to figure all this out and know after December 21st the 12/21/2012 marker it was more distinct. Said in past Blogs we would all as a reality be moved from one frequency to a new one at that marker in space-time into a new vibration of less density. I sort of forgot to check that out and rightly so cause it was best to recognize the actual frequency change when it occurred as a sensation, rather than to be watching for it and trying to associate everything we could to become more valid when my consciousness woke up recognizing the sensation.  I'd stepped into the new vibration months and months ago, and this is when the events around me began shattering my emotional stability,  I had  totally forgot the pond reacted to it somewhere around 2009 by going black and all it's life dieing. I saw this as a foggy impression in life until 12/21/2012 when the fog around me cleared and having been  one of the few in the 4thDensity, then become the many as the all made the transition ready or not when the frequency changed....A psychic friend once told me my life was easy cause I was at the top of the ladder where the view was clearer. In the new density I was placed on the bottom of ladder wallowing in all the low density muck and struggling to see thought it.

Last night ( in dream-time) I had a council meeting with the collective of aspect which is me as a soul. We compared notes on what we are experiencing in our waking-dream.  Many aspects of me are at this  bottom of the 4th Density ladder with our feet in muck and about to climb up the ladder of this new density. Some are still struggling in 3rd Density, pulling themselves over the edge of that step to this new level of density leaving them dangling in the old. There was a merging of many aspects of me into this me. They were more dense but just about ready to make the leap so we merged as we slid through the density wall. Then there is the vast majority of aspects of me, cheering us on  from  much higher levels on the ladder with way lighter less dense experiences...Knowing this now seem to have relieved much anxiety as to why I'm feeling confused and reacting with less awareness. It makes sense having merged with many new characteristics and experiences from these other aspects of me that I'd be confused; and also now functioning in a whole new density with more heavy density that I'd once been able to avoid. This new experience is what was termed to be our Armageddon... Thus, instead of flopping around uselessly and wallowing in the unknown I can plant my feet and begin a new rise up a new ladder of less density to find my rung of balance to begin functioning in peaceful harmony detached from the density I prefer to rise above. 
Another thing is also very clear ~~ even though Oneson has taken over my Transmutation Pond as his project, he helped to destroy it with his I must find a way to counteract this to re-establish it's ability to transmute the density which is less than the highest resonance of the energy dome space..Lots of Work Ahead for Me.

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Akuna Kumara said...

Think at 70 I'll not be concerned about a career.This ladder is of Evolutionary Enlightenment!!!!!