Thursday, January 10, 2013

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"Time to get with it..!" "with what" she asked.. "doin all those things we know to sustain ourselves, that we've been to lazy to do up to now" "WHY????" her question lingered cause she already knew the answer, just didn't want to bring it forward in her mind. "Because we need practice before it becomes necessary for surival" I answered. "Kind of a waste isn't it if we don't really need to do it." "well maybe for you, not me cause reading 'how to' isn't the same as having done it, At Least once to etch it in menory. ~~why wait till we need then have to work kinks out, this way we're also sure to have the supplies ". "your right reading  isn't the same as doing" she smiled recognizing her own downfall, because evenwith the  light snow last week she'd again called me last minute to see if I could run her to the store for supplies when we'd known several days it was coming and could confine us on top of the mountain.

So went a resent conversation with a friend who doesn't own a computer, or a car for that matter, and tries to remember everything in her head. Actually I wonder if she's heard they still make paper and pens for this purpose. She's sort of like the husbands all those wives complain about who never ask directions refusing to admit they are lost. This was was a good thought which had me putting into action a new plan, a very productive one for myself cause I've got tons of instructions stored on my computer that could never be accessed in the event of an electric outage.  I'd compile them in small text in notepad and run off several copies of each page, storing them in a manila folder. This way as long as the creek at the bottom of the mountain didn't rise I'd have them and a few copies to share.  Smiled to myself knowing many friends and family still live with that 'It Could Never Happen To Me' attitude even after being caught in resent months with lengthy electric outages and no bottled water or solar lantern back up. They say live & learn ~ some never do.

Started the computer notepad page #1 today...with TOOTHPASTE. Ya if we ever had to we can easily make our own. For many today who are really strapped financially it's good to know at the high cost of something which is a necessity for our health. Also it's a good way if you can't find the hard to find No Fluoride Toothpaste. This actually brought to mind something once done regularly that would be to my advantage again to draw any toxins from from body...yes another natural body cleanse, this one through our mouth..


***  Sesame Oil swish a teaspoon through teeth holding it there 5 minutes to absorb
toxins, germs and bacteria through gums. Release, don't rinse allow it's healing to do the work as you go about the day.
***50/50 Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Toothpaste. Add a drop of Pepperment oil to flavor.

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kathyinozarks said...

Akuna, I love your toothpaste recipe and the sesame oil swish-very simple to make-I was not familiar with the sesame oil swish-thanks

Akuna Kumara said...

Kathy I read about this after someones doctor told them of it...there are dentist and doctors using it for healing...and it worked on me awhile heal gums.