Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whole Health Mastery

As we move into the new cycle we're being given the energy to put our hearts desire into action as cosmic energies are aligned to our advantage. The changes we desire within and as an outer reflection are under vibes to ease accomplishment during these next few weeks. This isn't just in government or finances, it's in our personal manifestations too. For instance my concentration this past few months has be physical health. There is clear indication it's time to live my beliefs becoming the new human we are destine to become, by living these beliefs fully. It's time to set in motion the idea that our beliefs all carry  vibration, and those vibes make us who we are as expressions in the outer world. My concentration being health means, if we misstreat our body or don't supply it's engine with proper fuel it will react like any other engine by spewing choking being unable to run smoothly. This belief must be carried by every cell in the body to be acted upon. (you can't say one thing and do another which goes against the collectives design/blueprint in this realty) The mind is very powerful, it can change it's reality easily, but it can not change all the extended belief functions going on in the collective at the same time. Our being part of that whole means we must work cooperatively with the collective belief  [at this early stage of transformation into self mastery].  If you believe something you must do so in a way that it's compatible with the belief of the collective. (you can't drink gas and not get sick, because gas is also energy and it's energy is not designed to be consumed by humans in the collective belief) Thus at present our ability to create the changed belief for the present is tempered by being part of the whole.
~remember we are taking baby steps in a total transformation process.

Presently the format I am applying is two fold...#1 carrying the belief without deviation applying One-Pointed-Focus on not contracting flu. When speaking to others confidently state the belief "I don't get the flu"and  live this belief. The body hears this and it too then carries this belief fully and "it does not get the flu". We must give our body opportunity to convey this to each and every cell so they also live it. To instill we must believe it fully by stating and then allowing, not continually repeating because their is underlying doubt that we need remove...It must be fully believed.  Then #2 we must give our body organs the highest quality fuel to run smoothly and most efficiently so each cell is in balance to know "it does not get the flu".  We can't feed our body the wrong fuel mixture and expect it to function properly. From what science tells us this means providing an alkaline state of homeostasis (equilibrium or balance). This is one of the easiest ways to avoid the flu or colds because it creates an unwelcome environment for
germs, which can not survive or reproduce in an the alkaline state. I've also set up activity that will not compromise my thinking at any given time I must ward off germs, by making habit through out the cold and flu season of washing and sanitizing hands regularly, and using the Netty Pot on return form public places. This is not with the thinking I could get ill, but simply becomes the habit to help the body by not providing challenges for it to stress itself with.

Had to laugh at this as I envision these efforts appear to be typical of the character Sheldon in Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon's obsessive nature would not get the flu cause he would not permit a welcoming environment for it....We know art imitates life and this TV program like many movies is a projection to help us ease ourselves into understanding how our thinking must be applied if we are to Master our outer world experience.... as insignificant as not getting the flu may seem compared to mastering reality,  we must begin with these finite things which create powerful emotions from pain or physical discomfort such as the flu, as the mastering emotion provides the catalyst to spur our full attention toward Mastery of Self
 Hear is the link to the Alkaline / Acid Foods.... to copy and post.

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kathyinozarks said...

good points as always-thanks

Akuna Kumara said...

nearly a week later still no flu for me