Friday, January 18, 2013

TGIFday how'd that happen? Seems last couple weeks slipped by without notice. Oneson is over flu hang on's, that was getting old since new years ~~ 2  1/2wks. I never got it. "I don't get the flu" ...See it really does work. I'm not a nut case just an odd ball proving Dr Bruce Lipton's science is right. This is a big part of my life these days,~~proving all those statements made by the NewAge community. This one ~"we create our own reality is showing itself as very valid". This is hard when it's such a multi-faceted thing as our reality is vast, but this

idea of holding a Belief works, plus treat my body right,do the extras necessities to avoid germs, so "I Don't Get The Flu". It's been working for me now for years. Only once faltered in 10years and that was with a cold not flu. The previous five years was when I began to see results. I began creating this as my belief shortly after I contracted Lyme Disease 1992. Would of died had my boyfriend not taken care of me. Had no idea how to treat it then, doctor was hesitant to prescribe ~~but I survived to tell about it and got flair ups 6 more times, but it became the catalyst for me taking this stand of refusing to supply room&board to the spirochetes and germs any longer. I got rid of the Lyme and don't get colds or flu anymore cause I simply don't allow them occupancy. Oh I feel them trying to get to me, but my body is responds to my belief and keeps these invaders out. Along with this I help my bodies army do it by taking immunity building supplements and eating as  alkaline diet as possible. So "I don't get the flu".Guess this is my purpose in life now....proving the new metaphysical sciences do work...lets face it I'm retired with limited obligations to others so I've got the time to do this as I've also deleted most outside activity from my life too. (I've tired of having to meet schedules ~  time to do what I want when I want without limits. This frees my life and mind to fully work at transforming my beliefs to get these things out into the Collective Mind and promote the strength of their vibration for the whole which is another part of me. So "I don't get the flu" cause I believe and create an environment to support the belief.  Thanks to Dr Lipton!
P.S. As always in my life spirit brings me to syncs and conformation of why I do things. Below is a prime article which confirms my many private statements to people.. My eye doctor saw Diabetes markers my Blood Sugar reads have been high. I refuse to have my insurance company which is Gov.Medicare and AARP put me on that Death List because of this. Purchased a Glucose meter ~ changed to an Alkaline diet deleting all the things which turn to sugar rapidly...My a.m. Fasting readings for nearly 3wks have hovered around 100 that is right where they should be for normal blood sugar. Below is a reason I psychically knew which caused my personal actions of self sustained health protection. All this falls into place with our beliefs and how they control our others can not control our life and death out of their wallets.  It's why our beliefs Do Matter.
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