Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cleaning Up the First Needle Felting Project

 January is the Catch Up Month.... don't know why other than holidays over and we seem to start another round of it, also it  time to start compiling those dreaded tax papers.  Some of the catching up is finishing projects started that were left waiting in the wings...Why do we do this?? my daughter is still asking for the gold cable knit sweater that still needed one arm attached.  Hummmm 15 years ago.  Hush! don't say it.

Pulled out a Faded Glory fake felt shirt that was seldom worn, it became one of my first Needle Felting projects as nothing would be lost if it didn't work. It turned out great looking, but there were those finite things missing. It needs lots of  machine and hand stitching to secure of course was set aside till later when I felt like not felting. Later finally arrived and I hope now it can be washed in machine gentaly in cold water...I do so hate to fuss over chores like laundry. It's sat now nearly two years,  so before it turned  old and gray like me it deserved completion just for the sake of it.The felting starts in front at pocket,goes over shoulder across the back with removable dangles (old earrings) so it can be washed. Only time will tell on that, it may have to be done by hand so the felting doesn't shrink.??? Live and learn.  It took two nights to machine stitch the large sections then hand stitch the thin smaller stuff. Thought I'd share the pre-washed result with you on the incase my wash dream does the whole thing in, then no one will ever see the handi-work.  In the end no matter what happens when it gets
washed, it was totally enjoyable as a first project, as it turned out with the semi-southwest flair I was going for. With freehand work the result is always a surprise.

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kathyinozarks said...

I love it! I have too many projects like that-way too many years old.
Now you have a fun gorgeous "new" shirt to wear

Akuna Kumara said...

I was famous for the unfinished Kathy. when we had the store that ended now starting a new batch and I'm vowing no more ... So I'm at START again!