Monday, January 14, 2013

Needle Felting a Misty Plant Spirit

A few months ago came across some quality velvet drawstring bags 5X7inches used for crystal purchases when we had the jewelry store. Time to sell them and they went fast as they are much better quality that the Chinese stuff offered on eBay. Also these were hand made. Myself I use several Chamois Bags which I'd made years ago
when working with my Native American Past Life. They are still cherished, but time warn and need to add to them with the Healing Stone family population increase. So I set out to make more to sell and ended up making one very special on which I kept for myself as it had such a spiritual connection to the work I was presently doing...

I'd purchased several of the Deep Plush throw blankets which fit  the top of a regular size bed with no over hang.. $7.00 you can't buy material for that, the original idea was some plane Plush pants for cold winters around the house rather then the nightie prints you find on the market. I wanted something really soft to cushion a special
crystal so cut out the corner of this throw, and began to free hand a Needle Felt  picture of flowers and the flower spirit I'd been working with, which this crystal was also embracing. [lessons for all of us, plant crystal & me on unifying our energy for healing] Below is the result of a very Misty plant spirit and the crystal is ecstatic with her new soft plush home, as am I to have be part of providing it a place for safe keeping.These are the perfect homes for special healing stones we work with and prefer not to have their energy compromised. Also made several less elaborate used as gift wrap over the holiday and they were accepted with absolute joy as it's really two gifts in one.

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kathyinozarks said...

These are beautiful, I love the process of needle felting-I find it so rewarding and creative. I love what you made for your stones-thanks for sharing

Akuna Kumara said...

Thanks Kathy it's fun stuff and you can sit and enjoy while watching a movie too...that's what I like is it's easy to carry with this size.