Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding the Lost Mode of Prayer
The lost mode of Prayer...Gregg Braden knowing for his transformational books on the 2012 Shift. Also wrote a small, but powerful little book called Lost Mode of Prayer. I bought it, read it, loaned it, and never got it back. ~~maddening but I won't get mad, I'll place the person responsible in prayer as they may have put it out there for the world to find..

Simply stated the Church hid this information from the followers so as to keep their thumb on the people, the idea was the upper hand of control. No not conspiracy theory really, cause the only conspiracy is that which we ourselves create in our own reality, because we create our outer reality from the vibrational energy we hold within as beliefs. This withholding was the Collective Minds plan as part of the blueprint of evolution in the 3rd Density energy based upon victim-hood, thinking life happened as fate outside ourselves.That's a whole other subject. This mode of praying is simple. We don't pray asking for something to be done, begging someone who has power over us grant our desire and we don't need to petition this power though another. In this lost mode of prayer, we pray KNOWING It Is DONE because we desire it. This is not only saying that the God Source is all benefice, it's actually all part of a new mind set knowing we create our reality..and walla!! the Church knew this centuries ago at the time of it's forming. Ya .. and they figured they could never rake the people in if they let them know they didn't need to petition this Source through the church to get their need met.

This is powerful knowledge to hold, and we as individual parts of the Whole have it at our disposal. All we need do is know that if we believe something it then is created as part of our outer reality. Now when I say believe, I mean BELIEVE without deviation of faltering, it's called holding One-Pointed-Focus. No If And or Buts, no wavering, no questioning involved. BELIEVE without question and say Thank You for ~~~~~~,  knowing it has been given because we desired it completely. It is so so powerful to understand there is no God Source hovering over us judging if we deserve the whatever, the God Source Energy is there giving us what we desire without question. We are expressions of this Source whatever we call it, and whatever we think it to be, and it's constantly sending it's Life Force our direction to feed us energy for existence as we are expressions of this Source experiencing all things for it's all knowing and continual exponential expansion. We need only trust that by knowing our desires have been granted the moment they were expressions in our heart, we get what we want. By trusting it is already been done, it is already ours and all we need do is pray "Thank You for Giving" even before it's granted. That is the trust we were told we were to have.  Pray knowing it is so!

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kathyinozarks said...

Thank you Akuna, I have been working on my positive thinking rather than the negative. This was a good post for me Kathy