Sunday, January 13, 2013

Natures Flu Shot

All the reports are the Flu is epidemic in the USA. I've read that 2/3 of those sick are the ones having had the Flu Shot, true or not we will never really know will we.  I don't believe in flu shots, and I've been avoiding the flu because I take an attitude "I refuse to get it".
At the same time that means we must assist our body to be as healthy as possible with the Vit ACZinc to build immunity and Vit D3 if we feel we're getting it....Since we've had the flu in my house since the New Year and I've staved it off what I'm doing is working...Mainly it's about attitude as our belief creates our reality and that belief must be held without deviating....Here is another great suggestion.                                                      

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kathyinozarks said...

thank you much for the recipe, I had not seen this one before. I always keep vit c for hubby around that really seems to help him allot, I also like echnichae too-and we avoid being around people too during flu season

Akuna Kumara said...

yes C&Echniacea are good to build immunity .. try myself to avoid going out these days that I'm no longer in public daily...when we had the stores it was different but then too I didn't get stuff, and it was habit to open doors & air the store out after every few people during the C&Fseason.