Saturday, January 12, 2013

There's More Than We Can See

To say life is beautiful and the new cosmic energy powerful is a gross understatement. About a year ago after having dumped eBay for a bit I was guided to start selling pendants and wand Selenite Healing Tools which are channeled from the Universal Healers I've connected to for more than 35years.  Since the 90's I've called Selenite the stone for 2012 and Beyond before most people in the world of crystals had even heard of.  It's accomplished what humans are attempting to in their process of self healing to change their inner vibrational energy frequency. Selenite's striation's are the illuminated paths between matter and spirit which transform the physical photon cellular configuration. (it's been seen to bend it's rigid physical form).  When working  or sleeping with this stone it draws to the surface that which no longer servers us (the stuff from past or other lives as well as this one), so we can then release it. It frees us of the unnecessary which is no longer part of the function in this new Aquarius Cosmic
Cycle. It truly is a blessed creation from Source.

Over the past months I've gained a few repeat customer on ebay, who buy these tools. Today there was a message from one asking about one of the newer pendant listings. It was one I'd had some unknown questions about, but trusted those unseen who guided it's construction and listed it. This morning I found out just how powerful and attentive Higher Consciousness is in our life. I'm still resonating the buzz from this happening.

The customers message said:
"My biggest challenge is being able to managing my anxiety during the day and to get a good night's sleep. My biggest blockages are in my lower chakras(first and second, primarily, and third) and have to deal with some nerve damage to my sciatic nerve which affect my ability to eat, go to the bathroom, pass gas, etc. I have some intense spasming in my abdomen.  Do you think this pendant would be helpful for me to further assist with sleep and opening up the lower chakras. Or do you have another listing that may be more helpful?"  

As I began to reply I  was  thinking I'd have to meditate and ask the Universal Healers about this, and got a surprise shout.  "Use Aloe" with a strong impression it would eliminate inflammation. My conscious intention was to meditate for the answer, but the fingers punched it out on the key board for me.
My Reply:
Reading your post felt your energy [I'm so sorry for such discomfort]They strongly shouted "Aloe". Use Gel (not watery juice) start slow work up to half cup daily in some juice it's like Pediolite/Elephant Snot but very healing won't heal nerves it will eliminate inflammation. They are laughing  saying you got their message, seems to have been made for you ~we never know all the wonders of reality, to think they would go through ebay.  I questioned as to why the crystal on side was placed where it was and not centered. Note it starts at Root to move energy up to heart so energy doesn't get stuck there...Rosophia will work on 2nd Sacral gender polarity balancing self-love; and Lepidolite which is a Lithium neutralizes the 3rd Solar Plexus calming frayed nerves.[as per Robert Simmons] I also questioned the use of these two stones which are really odd as chakra stones ~ should know better by now. The Infinite at 4th Heart chakra will take the rising pain and defuse it with understanding from the inner heart level.  WOW this is even more powerful than I assumed and such a harmonic symphony of the pleased you connected to this...So guess this is a yes~ it was made for you to work with and it's suggested you go to sleep visualizing the density in that area rising and moving out through the heart chakra as it has be neutralized. A Wow Wow Wow.........Blessing

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I found this enlightening-thanks Akuna