Monday, February 4, 2013

What's Happening and Why

Some people thought after 12/21/2012 all would be Heaven On Earth and they would do what was called Ascend..I've been channeling about the SHIFT since 2004 and one thing I've said right along, Ascension is of the energy which we has changed from the old bible version which was explained at that then level of awareness, the energy of the planet and humanity has evolved beyond that today. Our planet itself has ascending in vibration, all on it will follow for a whole new experience for the One Source Field or God as it's called. No we are not leaving this Earth, it's energy has  risen in frequency to the next level and we must rise to meet it.  Right now we are running like hell to catch-up. So yes it's the same old planet with a new vibrational wave not a new planet. These times ahead will not be easy. Many made changes prior to that date to better fit the vibration, others are still struggling to find the changes needed, and others never will.  Also there are those of us still in pain watching loved ones yet in limbo of the direction they choose and causing us more pain then they are experiencing at present. These times will not be easy for the next few years. We are seeing only a smattering with losses of all kinds in many areas. The entire  Global Community will change and with it our lives and lifestyles. While many are  hanging on they will soon be pushed into change, to go with the flow or be drug under in undertow.  I have a situation with a family member who has not yet chosen the direction they will be swimming. Heart breaking for those watching, still trying to help, but we can not swim for others only ourselves. It literally is each man for himself even tho we are all one, I'm sensing this with other aspects of myself too and the feeling is often queasiness in the stomach cause of the soul connection and our oneness with all.

Here in the USA we are battling  gun control. Not new and we will be taken right to the brink of rage and a forced issue,  then finally in unison we'll stand up for the majorities desire on this matter.  It's that way with many things still up in the air, there will be no easing into them anymore, we will be taken to the cliffs edge and either grab the tree and clasp hands with transformation standing firm, or let others push in over the edge. ...oblivion or transformation creates  our role in this new world.  In many cases the transformation will break our hearts at the same time it becomes our choice. Some are feeling this now as we speak, it's a sure thing they will feel it by this spring equanox as all the planets will line up to do the push, and  if we don't take the steps forward to moving with the flow, we'll end up over the edge cause the transformation IS and it's forming with or without us. 

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