Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where's the ESCAPE

Such a busy Sunday morning..up at 5 as usual,  house cold  temps outside 20 degrees. Just enough snow to make it clean and white, we're to get more squalls later today. Been doing ebay, was asked if I ship FPO to service men ~ I haven't, said of course..ugg.  Same shipping price for USA going via USPS, but you have to fill out a customs form. Well they are large so had to use a larger envelope for a very small package. Then the on line form wouldn't print cause I didn't know final destination overseas. The light dawned..I had tons of old forms from when I did high-end items and sold lots of  them internationally. These days I don't cause it's just not worth the hassle with inexpensive items.  So used actual form from  P.O. and their plastic envelope for it. Wala !! the brain was working.  Then there was a large book sale, had to cut a larger envelope in half and tape it together as I'm not going to pay extra for  unused portions of oversize padded envelope, I ship free meaning it comes out of my profit.  Done ready to ship, a challenge when the coffee hadn't kicked in yet, and for the second day in a row I'm hoping to get some peaceful relax time to do some needle felting with a movie.

Yesterday was sort of a hassle day too..first thing 6am friend calls to say another friend  had departed this life, sad but we expected it. Then with undetermined snow on the way and son maybe plowing needing food to carry as he may work 24+hrs straight and I was in need, headed to store OR so I thought. Car was Dead Dead Dead,,,could hear my spitfire friend laughing saying "ya Just Like Me", she is truly happy her struggle is over.  Called mechanic no answer, that was dumb ~~ called the Tire King he's been the tire place for 60+years and even supplied NACAR and Andretti yrs ago,  he's just over the hill. They arrived about 45minutes with a new battery which I'd been telling myself I need for about problems, I just knew it was time and of course the psychic message was ignored ~I'm famous for that. The space craft dash lit up and cabin warming up,  I came in to settle CodyDog and phone rings. It's the garage - Thanks but the job was done, he's a friend of sorts so didn't mind as he'd only of gone to the Tire King to get it anyway. Got as far as the door, phone rang again... Son replacing a house roof where there is a big dog Kennel had to break up a 10 dog dogfight. He got bit~not bad, but needed me to call Dr to see about Rabies Shots. He's had a few before but want to know he was safe and his Tetnus is up to date. All dogs vaccinated 9/2012 no worry, just watch dogs for 10days on the in case. That done finally went food shopping ~ the only trouble this time of year with juicing  fresh greens is they must be repurchased every few days as garden is now sleeping.  Shopping done, space ship gased up and windshield and wipers cover, food away, CodyDog and I head to the horses with lunch. Finally just got my feet up and there was a knock on the door. Ballerina girl tenant with her rent. Ok Finally I got my feet up and dozed off a few minutes to re-coop in peace and quiet and the phone rings.
Just the energy over the past few days as I'm not alone with the busy disruptions.

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kathyinozarks said...

what a rough few days Akuna. I feel kinda like that here too. Loved the cartoon-today will be rough day for us-have a good week ahead.

Bluefinch said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading this! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! If you will email me your mailing address, I will send you a pair of earrings. Thanks!