Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter to all who Celebrate.
Today is really just another day here..was a time hubby would rise early to hide the eggs dyed and decorated earlier in the week ...then while we were at Sunday School and Church he'd take a couple hours to hide them, and plastic eggs filled with Jelly Beans, in the woods for the Easter Egg Hunt when the cousins arrived. It was the event of the year apparently in our family as my niece one year was unable to come ~ (can't remember why sisters family wasn't doing Easter with us that year) and her youngest daughter, now 36, cried for hours. Several years later she reminded her mother she had been deprived of one of those momentous important events. Thus a dinner and  Egg Hunt without the Easter Bunny was had as a make up  just for her when she was a teen.  Funny the things different generations cherish as childhood memories.

Today have two grandsons, now 12 and 14 they are a different breed of kid altogether. From the get go it was Videos and Electronic Games, no interest in animals or the woods or playing outdoors. ( My kids were out the door at daybreak and usually, with exception of bitter cold,  picniced their lunch in the woods in their 30foot high two level tree house..)  Grandsons  were honestly a real problem to babysit requiring constant doting on. I mean there was not a minute they weren't requiring my attention with both of them at the same time while they argued constantly about everything.  I understand why daughter was so pressured as this comes from her husband who is so involved in himself she has never been able to cook a single holiday meal or decorate their [scratch that - His home] but what he takes over...she adjusted and unfortunately I'm sure the stress brought her inherant Lupus to the surface.  His family being two sets of grandparents took over holidays with the little ones who make them happen for adults, thus no one to do Egg Hunts for and my celebration eventually became a day of rest from the work a day life as store owner. Today the double set have different little ones, and these teens are left out, to their preference, as they'd rather friends, sports, videos, and electronic games. They never had an interest in farm life, animals or the woods, so sit bored here among adults visiting. Daughter took them and each a friend to an Indoor Water Park yesterday and today after church it's a rare found day of rest for them. Oddly this is my preference too as there is no way I desire trying to please bored kids who would rather be anyplace but here and her husband who is only pleased doing things his way. Like her I adjusted with acceptance.

This takes me to our present days enjoyment, and another reminder of appreciating my own son who is very much like me and just dragged me to the pond for the morning Easter Egg Hunt of 2
013 my way.
                            HAPPY EASTER ALL

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