Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting to Know My New Crystal Friends

When you accept the idea all things in creation are vibrating energy you open to feeling that energy, including that of Rocks Stones Crystals. Having worked with them for years there is a strong sensation when first meeting a stone, it's like the emotional response we have with human strangers. When we get to know someone that more volatile uncertain emotional response to something different diminishes, as we have familiarized ourselves their energy. If we become friends our energy vibration merges, becoming part of the others aura, and this then gives a more peaceful response in our emotional sensors. This energy sensing happens when we believe all is energy of oneness and if we resist this as our belief then we just don't get the connection to the energy sensations.

One stone I was always steered away from is Flourite, don't know why, it's like some people we just don't take to cause there is a level of incompatibility in our frequency.  Most Flourite is purple or green swirls in a gray/white opaque mineral, facet for jewelry pyramids figure's or tumbled worry stones, but they didn't entice me to get to know it. Then suddenly last week I was drawn to look at it in the Rainbow Fluorite formation of medium sized hand held polished terminations with a wide range of Purple Pink Blue Green Yellow chakra colors. Offered on ebay by Asian sellers at affordable prices, it's against my grain to buy outside the US when our population is suffering economic crisis, rather help at home first and other parts of self further away after, but one particular
one kept calling to me. Last Friday it arrived very well packed, removing stickers ran it under faucet water to start a cleansing. Doing so it told me it was so comfortably cushioned during travel that not only had it not sustained more trauma, it was able to cleanse and heal itself of it's mining and polishing experience as it understood it was going to serve it's life intention. Not to argue that from one is so outspoken. Suggested it acquaint itself with the energy of it's surroundings by recharging on the large Quartz Crystal clusters and headed for the big guy...It directed me to a smaller cluster in the window where it could get a sense of the earth space it had arrived in. Can't argue with this level of telepathic communication, so it spent it's first night.

Saying crystals speak to me, I'm not crazy! They connect consciousness telepathically, as they to are Creators beings in a different form.They carry vibrating energy from the same unified universal field all creation does. Saturday afternoon laid on the sofa to meditate with it to get acquainted. What a surprise! Holding it my whole body and head got woozie, ran it up and down my chakra and it wanted to rest on my heart chakra. The energy was profound, nearly frightening as it echoed in my chest. It suggested being laid on each chakra starting at the root move up, leaving it on each only as long as it felt comfortable. This is one heck of a powerful crystal telling me to take it easy, as it was sent to help balance the chakra crystalline structure in me not disrupt it. It's to unify each into one smoother flow of energy without definition or separation. It was to work with other stones that had come to me which help activate so called junk DNA.this was too too much cause I'd also just purchased some very expensive and rare Quantum Quarttro Silica an immune system builder that is able to work within the DNA structure and cellular level to re-polarize and magnetically open the gateways to healing light. It is effective in healing past grief induced trauma that is locked within the emotional energy field and the body's cells, causing pain in both areas.  It can bring more mental clarity when placed on the Third Eye. These stones working together are raising assisting in raising my vibration to a whole new level of awareness. Earlier I'd been working with  one of the components the multi mineral QQ. Also two days earlier I'd channeled construction of a wand for exactly that type of chakra work using Selenite, Tabby Quartz and two small beads of Flouroite having purchased fluorite beads for crystal tools to sell. Pictured is the Chakra Melding Tool, 5" tall Fluorite termination with Quantum
Quarttro Silica.


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