Friday, April 12, 2013

Bringing Past Energy Forward into Manifestation

Please understand I'm not talking fairy tales and magic, what I'm about to say existed in our history as how people really lived. They were close to nature and all natural forces recognizing it's energy. Today we've turned those stories of the Merlin's into get rich quick Harry Potter tales, but our ancestors lived with Alchemist and Shamanic preparations as their healing potions we today call medications.  In our evolutionary process we have turned to pharmaceutical companies with altered chemical components, just as someday our great great grandchildren will turn to altered GMO seed grown food controlled by companies such as Monsanto, the seeds grown by those plants no longer will be collected by growers because they have no capability of producing new plants. Whoa is me to progress that is man made destruction and control, of what the Source of All That Is/GOD intended for both these categories!
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For ages I've wanted a real Quartz Crystal bowl but could never justify the cost, not a the man made crystal bowl, one carved directly from mined Quartz. If a little crystal termination specimen cost $10/100 you can imagine how costly a chunk large enough to make into a bowl is, plus the carving. Finally I broke down and got one. It's way smaller than I'd anticipated having ~ it's mini. You can hold it in the palm of your hand, but it is a Quartz Crystal bowl. Actually I had one which followed me through several past life times and was hoping it would materialize in this one again, but no, it was broken during a lifetime in Tibet China by another who owned it after I was gone. It's energy still exists, as energy never dies, it needed to be gathered with intention to be place in a new bowl. This intention has been a current project for mine. The energy is of purity so the bowl does not transfer it's persona to the contents, while at the same timeholdinganextreme higher consciousness awareness of energizing the liquids intended purpose. One might during Merlin's days call it a magical vessel, in truth it's natures magick which is the mastery of energy. Thus this bowl isn't just a pretty bobble to desire, it now holds past life frequencies for working with healing waters which will be used today in vibrational healing of aromatherapy or Homeopathic preparations. I'll explain:

Quartz Crystal is known ~even scientifically~ to resonate a very high frequency, this is why it's popularity among Crystal enthusiasts. It's a multi-purpose energy mineral which can be programed with intention and purity alike, it's vibration is very powerful and self cleansing. This idea of the purity is why it's sought by those who make up liquid healing preparations for aromatherapy, tinctures and potancies. It's purity means it doesn't transfer it's own persona to that which is place in it as other mineral bowls do. This is most valuable with liquids used for healing preparations that the preparations vibration not be compromised.  For years I used a man made crystal bowl. Lets just say in my heart of hearts I knew this type container had much to be desired, but in today's mind set we often settle for less as even those attuned to the energy are still only on the brink of fully regaining understanding it. Because of this the frequency is far less potent that what it could be infusing if a pure power vessel. When I reached back into several of my past lives as Alchemist, Pagan, and Shaman, I met the energy of my most cherished vessel and came to realize I truly needed a Quartz Crystal bowl in which it could be merged for my work today. Finally all had come full circle on this most resent day of the New Moon in Aries ~~ a most powerful day as Aries is the first house and new beginning of the Moon Calendar Yearly Cycle and on this New Moon day all my planet were powerfully aligned and aspects to promote my own power through application of inner awareness. Walla a job well done bringing this into my new reality.

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Akuna Kumara said...

ya gotta laugh at how it all works! below is my horoscope for today.
The success of your work today may be the insights that you gain after you step away from the technical for a short time. With fresh vision your energies pick up and you can complete some work that you thought might go on forever. Consider this for future reference when you feel stuck in a mind-set or technical issue. You need to be consumed by an activity that is diverse and quickly handled so that you see progress happening. You might consider a profession as a writer, hair stylist, chef, editor, etc. Your financial sector is highlighted in a positive way at this time. Better budgeting is in the forecast. Your personal life flows more easily this evening. While you are in a focused frame of mind, you would be wise to mend any hard feelings with others.