Monday, April 15, 2013

State of the Planet

Everyone has their forte, I have many as do most my friends. Most like me are multi-faceted jack of all trades masters of none, and this is great cause I never get bored with myself or my friends. However we all have our favorites, for me it's Rock Medicine, Astrology, and the Shifting Consciousness of Earth. The latter may appear to be new, but it's not really as human consciousness is eternally in a state of evolving. It's just at present there is a definite leap in it. The massive changes, the turmoil, the chaos, in both our inner and outer lives is indication of a leap. Our very own energy vibration frequency is creating this. It seems to be our design to go just so far and then recognize our mistakes to know they need correction, but we've always seemed to need that last push to make those changes happen as a start over. The push may be a Great Flood, the Great Extinction, or a Sinking of Atlantis, and it appears to be the point at which we are now. Hopefully knowing the past we can appropriately not relive it. As a superior intelligence we're getting  opportunity to correct our mistakes or they will be corrected for us to meet our end. No I don't think an all powerful force will step in and do it to us or for us. I fully believe "all being energy" it is the level of our vibrational frequency as a collective that is the determining factor. As part of a human collective we house the more prominent flow of consciousness energy, and will either raise awareness frequency to create a fix by seeing we are One with the All, or destroy ourselves with our attitude of superiority over All. Stewardship placed us in the managing or supervisory position over the all, not that of the ruler-ship which we've again assumed.

This whole thing with North Korea's Kim Jong Eun is a prime example of that old outdated paradigm of one assuming self-serving superiority over another by means of forcing others into submission. He is not the first ~lets hope he's the last ~ He just happens to be the catalyst this time around to make the world see how this is wrong, as it's also being reflected back to us as there go I in some past, saying "play by my rules or I'll bully you forcefully into submission ". He is the larger outer world view of school bullying and shootings and individual governments. These are lessons on all levels occurring so we all get the message on the frequency we are most attuned to. These are lessons that war, guns, government control, school bullying do not create a harmonic balance of peace to the greater advantage of the all. We see the same battle with misuse of the plant kingdom by Monsanto with GMO's, and the mineral kingdom by drug companies extracting portions of them which then end up harming us in long term cause they need the whole to function properly. These relieve symptoms but don't cure the basic cause so IE all the warnings on your medications. We in superiority never consulted the animal plant or mineral kingdom as to what is for their greater good. We take the $ way out to create comfort and ease in our lives, and by doing this disrupt the life the planets soil which disrupts life of plants and animals and in the end ours. This is what the world chaos is  about! We are being given a warning period with an opportunity to hear those who are attempting to get back to the basics of Earth's blueprint, in which our actions must be for the Greater Good of the All not just the one.

So our attitudes on War and protecting our shores, Gun Control, Bullying , GMO's, Going Green all determine the end result as this PLANET as a whole, cause it's not just about what's best for you or me or humanity, it's about the Whole of Creation!  it's all the same Source Field of Energy vibrating it's personalized frequency as a unified inner-active creation we call Earth. Harm one and you harm the whole and self as part of it. We need to start living for the Greater Good of the All not just the self.

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