Friday, April 19, 2013

A VOGAL and TREE OF LIFE in the Mail Box

Late the night of April 13  I purchased a Vogal Crystal on ebay... I've always wanted one but if you saw the crystals I already share my home and grounds with you'd understand
how a person of  limited means would say forget it, cause these Vogal's are  expensive.  They're now being cut in Asia so you can get them at more reasonable prices which drop several decimal points. Got one with 16 facets, not a choice "it called to me"..Many are totally clear and for this reason I was drawn to this one as it has milky inclusions in it so is  not another Asian rip off as glass. The inclusion carries angelic essence. It has a lovely energy coming from a lovely lady in the northwest US who sells Pagan and Wicca items and named her company Avalon Myst. [Avalon going back to several of my past lives.]

Taking it out of the bag I could feel it's power, thus far only held it for a few minutes,
but it told me it's here to help with the Ophiuchus healing energy arriving from the cosmos. OK! got it. Read a few years ago about these crystal cuts from Tyberon who is a respected Geologist, find him at , he channels Metatron & Redfeather a past life aspect of me in a former life. These crystal cuts create powerful flowing energy in and out as receivers and generator of divine universal  consciousness healing it's user. What I didn't know was that it was also going to be a teacher of some new healing energy just arriving on planet through Ophiuchus. The Vogal cut measures 51 degrees 51 minutes and 51 seconds, which is also claimed as the precise angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's further designed along geometry lines of the Tree of Life symbol. Now talk about syncs...this is a real woowoo
It gets wild here........................

I looked Vogal the person up, he was born April 14th I'm going to have to do some research and math calculations, but know his birth alignments are right on the mark with current years planetary position of constellation Ophiuchus for April 13th the day I purchased the crystal. (since I'm studying this at present I know without looking the alignments are on target, this is precisely how this profound energy works with syncs telling us higher consciousness spirit is at work) Then yesterday walked a package to mail box and in the arriving mail was the Vogal crystal. So we have an incoming and outgoing "Tree of Life" cause I'd sold the Crystal Tarot Card Bag on which I'd embroidered a Tree of's a sign from Universal Divine Consciousness that this crystal is going to create a profound change in my life awareness. As common as it is to my life it never ceases to as to amaze me how magical and profoundly exciting the true reality of consciousness energy is when you believe all is energy inner-acting, and take notice and allow it to flow.

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