Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joyfully Waving Good Bye to the Ram

 Wow glad this week is over...when I say this week I'm not speaking of dates but an energy span. This span in Aries falls yearly into the same slot around mid month, but not always the same days of the week or exact numbers on the calendar. It's set up to be problematic not cause of any particular cosmic transit, just cause Aries is what it is. (don't get me wrong there are numerous Aries people who are shining stars and wonderful people but they all do exhibit that aggressiveness in their persona, some using it better than others. Being an Aries rising I'm familiar with it) This is about energy and you start with the Sun in Aries ruled by Mars. Aries is aggressive starting it's greeting to us with "Don't tread on me" dukes up ready to fight your smiling hello. It also creates an energy in which many docile people are more daring, aggressive, out spoken, and in their action. With this it makes hardly any difference what other planetary energy is present there's an aggressive undertone to everything, not just a defensive mood, ready to fight on the spot without calculating the outcome down the road, and Mars it's ruler it's the action planet if transiting through Aries or aspecting other planets like Saturn or Pluto  sets up  energy to take radical actions. Thank heavens Mars is a fast moving planet spending only 28 day in any sign which means it passes over those points rapidly.

14th 1865 Abraham Lincoln was shot
14th 1986 Ronald Reagan bombed Libya
15 th 1912Titanic sunk
18th 1775 ride of Paul Revere warning British were coming
18th 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
19th 1993 Waco Texas burned
19th 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
20th 1999 School shooting in Columbine Colorado
20/21st every year winter dies/spring explodes northern hemisphere
21st 1889 Adolf Hitler was born
Numerous famous people born during this period who were aggressively
good for the world. Along with numerous other radical world changing
events stemming from tragedy. There are scores of other less known events.
2013 Earthquakes this week around the world
2013 West Texas and Boston Mass. explosions accidental & terrorism.
Mid April 14th -21st is the week from hell and thankfully the sun is now in Taurus the bull who prefers to be left contentedly grazing it's new spring green grass..just don't disturb by pulling it's tail wagging goodbye in Aries or that tail may swat you{#fight.gif} {#flag.gif} .
P.S. Funny having reread this was reminded of yesterday19th unloading shopping cart into the car a lady flu into the parking spot next to me when I was just about to step out around the cart. Repositioned my cart looking to make sure I'd given her room to continue her aggressive action without hitting me in the process of throwing her door open. No sooner turned off the engine she says "Stop Staring At Me" ..?..her Aries energy in action...I simply said to my rather large black Granddog Cody who'd quickly stepped to the open door.../// no let me rephrase exactly what I said "~STAY ~ some people just have nasty energy" and continued unloading. {#duel.gif} Typical encounter with this energy...which I later told Cody causes people to be paranoid and defensive when being nasty_he was in Mars energy as a reaction to her. And I sware the dog does understand me...

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