Sunday, April 21, 2013

Events of today PUSH us into Change

Donna Provancher ~Astrologer and Wise Woman said:
"The Apollo principle states that which causes harm also bring healing.
Which is meant to explain how Apollo (the father of Asclepius) could have been famous for bringing plagues and pandemics with his poison-tipped arrows and still be worshiped as the Greek God of Healing. I have to believe there’s a point to all of this pain and suffering that so many people are going through right now."

This is wiser and more insightful than most of the world recognizes, and this includes those open to seeing the horrific acts used to create a New World Order and those still numbly asleep calling it conspiracy theory foolishness.You see both are right here, just as both are wrong. What is created by underhanded forces with intention for negative purpose of control, is the same action creating the need in others for positive ways to counteract being controlled. Example:

**Certain people on Facebook are promoting the idea that events in Boston were planned by the government forces to begin instilling Marshal Law on the American public to create more fear from terrorists. Those opposing the militant undertaking,  talking, printing, commenting on it are promoting the fear themselves. They give energy to what they SAY they oppose rather than appropriately giving energy to what they claim they want which is peaceful coexistence in a government OF the people. Even more ironic many running at the mouth are not even
Americans and not living in this country. They truly need to get over themselves and live their own Now Moments in their own reality space and stop creating something in America that Americans themselves are not creating. It a case of Physician heal thyself cause their own country is in chaos. They think they are do gooders when in truth the are an evil force in the world promoting there anarchist revolutions in locations they do not exist as part of. The Boston events brought the masses together as One out of adversity. Their action should show us how we each need to live our own Now Moment and create it as we desire it to be out of the vibration of our thought, and stop our concern of that which is not ours and lays outside our selves.Then produce our positive from our adversity.

** Monsanto does what it does and people fight by growing their own until they recognize the control is a loosing battle so they must then transform their thinking to learn self healing with the mind, which no one can control unless we allow. As cultivated crops are tainted and eventually the wild plants too with chemicals and engineered transmutation we can turn to the whole minerals of the stone/rock kingdom to assist us in vibrational healing until we develop our heart/mind connection to be the self healers we were designed to be through the hearts vibration of love.

** We can battle this thing of gun control till those wishing to use them as control over us take them from us, or we can in our mind through vibration of the beliefs we hold in our heart of peace harmony and love, put out thought of what we desire to create it as our reality, rather than creating more of what we don't want with our thought writings and comments. As long as we think, put into print and verbalize that which we are adverse to the longer we will live with that adversity.
These adverse acts and adverse responses serve the purpose of pushing us into new mind thought and new ways of expressing that thought if we are expanding  awareness. It is time to stop thinking we are evolving/ascending and raising our vibration just cause we've read about it and agree. Now it's time to live it!!!!!! time to get over our selves and our ego expressions. This is a new cycle of higher vibrational energy we have entered, it is time to listen to ourselves and what we Say we Believe and act upon it. It's time to stop getting off on talking our talk, and walk it by living it, and with this then vibrate into creation the world of harmony we say we choose.
Out of our adversity we create our own healing!!!!

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