Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3 Eclipses in nex month Creating Change in the World

Damit I'm mooning! Not normal unless it shines in the window, didn't, woke me a few times. Up 5:30, clock said 3:05 [seems it got the numbers mixed up]?? Little Ben is ancient, fallen more times than rain. Turned on it's face it keeps good time, but like said, it's old so it wants to sit not stand, I understand this reflection. Son wanted to get up earlier today, yesterday was short on time. " this is a real Odd change" ~ he's the only person I ever knew that leaves at *:35 to be somewhere at *:30  he times himself to the second, where it makes others nervous. So when they say changes are coming with these eclipses , this is a good example of them beginning already, because sons deeper attitudes and habits have changed,  creating a definite change in my daily life.
Now Remember:
"our outer life is only a reflection of our inner frequency"  this is my reflection.
Apparently son is that part of me reflecting the changes within me, as I know my attitude that once was has returned in a different way. For several years I've not cared one way or another how the place looked ~ between sons ignoring his messes, deer eating everything in sight and Mother Natures destruction, I felt
defeated in a loosing battle with the years catching up to me. This was how I reflected the struggle with  inner changes going on in my ascending awareness. Change within me has stabilized and I'm holding a higher resonance so it's reflected as a more common to me desire for aesthetics and Oneson's life changes promoting it.  What Jim was referring to in the video was actually changes from ending in government interaction, insurance, economics etc., but change will occur in all aspects of our life as old paradigm formats finally totally collapse taking with them all there extensions causing a collapse like the domino effect. It will happen over the eclipses of  April 25th ~ May 9th ~ May 25th. Not all will be change in major things for us, but the small more personal things will come about as a result to those larger world economic and social changes. When they do we simply must hold our beliefs and desires strong with positive thoughts and not let them get us down, this creates the life we choose to live, and if we find what we want amid those changes even though they may not be what we think they should be and are be hidden under some rubble.

Example: son had no work 18mo since surgery for ankle plate, lost job cause of
it, but the good pay had him working for a jerk who created chaos in employees
life by never knowing start time or where, and not calling till 6AM. Last fall an Xboss who closed his  business hired son to work with him iffy on weekends. This is all that came his way till last week, then suddenly he had 4 PT construction jobs when they needed his specialities.  Big change for CodyDog and me with him not home. Yesterday was for local landscapers  crew just a as a favor, and the guy offered him 4 days a week, seems he was pleased even thou he spent the day digging tree holes in rock and was in pain. His change is an appreciation for something more stable, which never appealed  before and it's  $10less than what he use to making but more pleasant. Change leaves yard & garden work to me again. The eclipses have already brought an end to one phase of my life allowing a whole new kind of attitude for creativity which wouldn't have occurred with son home. This June 1st right on eclipse timing BroInLaw will retire, ending his career he'll have a whole new life to step into without my sister. [he's been living remnants of their life without her for 2 1/2yrs]  The newest tenants girlfriend of 20yrs lost her brother, she and he were caring for their mother. Mother moved in with other sister so girlfriend moved back in with tenant creating a whole new change for all them. These are some changes we can see coming cause they have been in the works, this happens to be the timing for them to be activated, and it's all centering around economic changes with endings in the bigger picture. Now April 25th hits on my Ascendant & Venus, my birthday is May 6th Venus ruled Taurus conjunction to  May 9th, then May 25th Sun moves out of my Sun sign over the 29th degree of my natal Saturn Uranus. This promises to be really interesting set of eclipses for me so you might want to be watching my blogs..

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