Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fallen Narcissus and Witches White Magick

The smallest things to humans can carry such vast important to the spirit. For instance yesterday it rained, finally mid-morning today the sun is trying to show it's face. I'd removed all the large leaf bags used to protect seeds in container garden from drowning and notice the only Narcissus Bulbs remaining were bent and as I tried to support the blooms one fell to the dirt. It was suggested I pick another that was nearly ready to do the same, and bringing them indoors to create essence water.  Looking up the meaning they are about Egotism, Formality, Vanity. It also said the broken flower indicates the meaning is usually reversed. Now this hit with total clarity that I'd just done a good job recognizing when I perhaps had used a bit of ego in writing a blog which I'd just deleted rather than post for that reason. So Narcissus  was right on.

Always taken my information through channeled sources from Ascended Masters and Higher Consciousness rather than have it come second hand through other humans. I've sort of had to watch my words regarding this to not have it reflect as egotistical, with this becoming involved in new belief systems of others was avoided.  One thing I'd also avoided was learning about Witches White Magick having been raised Christian and being a Buddhist monk in many lives. Recently was guided to a book "White Magic by Lucy Cavendish" and have been in awa since opening it. The White Witch belief is so closely related to basic beliefs of the average Lightworker, some are very Native American, Christian, and Buddhist. They simply use different story lines, names and words but the basic belief of living in Loving Light for the Greater Good of the All is what exists. The blog was deleted because it became a very personal story and I felt it had in some ways derived out of ego.  I've pretty much removed myself from an aspect of right/wrong judgement incorporated as part of belief systems by knowing when other are ready to work on acceptance of all for what it came here to express, they will recognize we are all just different aspects/facets of the One Source. None less /more than other and none right or wrong as we are all simply Expressions of Oneness.The flower in reverse shows me how I'm catching myself with second thought when ego shows it's face and is out of balance. We need ego to be human, but we as humans have allowed it to rule us and now we must teach it to take it's intended place in balance with the whole of who/what we are. The odd thing is a friend from Blogger who is a witch posted a blog also on ego today ~which I haven't yet read..........but it's a good sync.

So I'll put my little Narcissus blossoms into the crystal bowl with some Distilled Water and this evening drink it before bed to sleep with more assistance in mastering Egotism, Formality, and Vanity.

Comments are always appreciated and love the idea of discussion on subjects. Thank You for being here

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