Monday, April 29, 2013

Sun Turns Gloomy

Something about some places that just seem to have negativity attached to them, no matter how hard you try to avoid that it pops up. Blogster where I also blog is one of those paces in my life. First off people get annoyed with it lacking technical function. Second there's too much spam from sex  predators and businesses pawning themselves off as personal bloggers. Then some  seem to have the idea they can say vile things to others publicly airing personal differences.  [There's Personal Messaging and Report Button to stops this] So on my 'Happy Sunny Sunday' the sky darkened with other peoples personal crap. This was shortly after son managed to do the same by over staying a 'Hello' invading a tenants privacy when they had guests. Wasn't but a few minutes after this the Sun that had made my Sunday so Happy went under clouds. Then I got outbid on something I really had wanted from ebay .And on and on it continued..Ouch !

With another day shedding light on this I remembered NO THING IS OUTSIDE MYSELF , all comes from within as a projection of my vibration. This being the case I take full responsibility for the way in which I view those happenings, by knowing they are not created by me with intention as lessons or anything else, they are created from the energy I emotionally expressed in that moment within my heart center. Thus, I am responsible for creating the events as I perceived them and how I viewed the people involved, even though not having consciously with intention done anything to create them this way. "It's all about our Vibrational Frequency!!!!!!!!!

For a few days I've been  unconvinced with the way my computer runs, also by spamers when I must stop what I'm doing to remove them, held my cool taking it in stride but find it irritating, however I realize Blogster is where I am intentionally expressing my process of ascending vibration and this is why these things happen here [it's me not Blogster].. Now son was different as my emotion flared when he interfered in my business (which is tenants) by doing what any half intelligent courteous person knows not to do. Silently livid I'd walked away with a look, here came the lesson. My reaction didn't need to be an outer response, it was emotion of anger in my heart center which created energy vibrating within me that was then reflected as outer events by Cat Fights blogs and vile language, uncouth so called funny picture remarks that were just plain sick, then the adverse event with son and loosing on a bid, ripping the house apart in search for the patio table cover which can be used as a tent covering container seeds so they don't drown in rain I'd not been aware of. Nothing major, but a grand lesson on how our emotions create vibrations which are powerful enough to cloud the skies and turn the happiness of a sunny day into gloomy unpleasant projections as our outer world.
Our Vibration within creates the Sun or the gloom in our outer world.

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