Saturday, May 18, 2013

Knew It Was Happening ~~~I'm Invisible

No way to start a day but it happened, the computer told me I don't exist!
Then it told me one of the sites I blog on didn't exist. This is survivable! but dang annoying to spend half an hour trying to figure out if you really do or don't have a physical presence in the world. Many disengage physical form not knowing they've done gone dead, cause it's only physical flesh that dies as our energy body lives on. Who knows we could do like SAM in Ghost
...but seems I'm still here as my fleshy fingers type another  blog. Good reminder that these resent Solar X-class Flairs could take out a satellite and disrupt life as we know it by putting us all Off Grid with no electric.  So what seems to be a very upside down life right now is opportunity to find new ways in our day to day to do things without using electric. This means I'm going to look for something to build a Solar Dehydrator even tho I've got 2 electric. I'm also going to clean up the old barbecue pit where we can use wood, it's near house and this way save the gas grill for
rainy days. Even tho we have large gas tanks full for heating and cooking that can be used without electric, they could not deliver more cause gas as their tanker refill stations require electric to pump it. I'm considering adding something like this as I already have a $99 10x10x8ft plastic greenhouse and this will help if I use an extra layer or two of plastic to over winter with only natural heat from compost..I'm not sure where to place it as I'd like it at the back of house against a stone wall this way it get warmth from the wall on the back side.???
Think this event will help  my Internet presence to diminish some too. Will blog, do my web sales business, and turn it off...started doing this around 6 to get dinner and then watch Hockey finals, so now I'm aiming for 3:oo as I was using the web for a break from garden work. Will take more time to set up a new type container garden with protection for this fall, spend more time in the big garden after 5pm when it's not as hot .... an hour to read a real paper page book with a short meditation period which is like a long nap.  I'll do meditation outdoors where I can also do some Earthing or Grounding with Mother Earth for health benefits , which also helps ground the new influx of awareness coming in with the magnetic energy form ol Sols Flair Ups. All things serve a purpose if we look for the lesson provided, and events like this are just the way our soul provides them if we're taking notice and working to upgrade the inner vibrations of our energy body. Yes we are the ones responsible for our own Ascension into the new vibrational paradigm of Earth.
Comments are always appreciated and love getting to hear from you. Thanks for being here

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Great plans. I am monomaniacally gardening as well. Having a blast but too busy to do much blogging or reading others' blogs. Waving, fondly, from my garden!