Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Latest Message

Lately some pretty intense messages have been coming through from Higher Consciousness sources. It's been clearly said that during the period between December 12th & 21st 2012 Earth passed through a portal. From this vantage point in Astronomology it sort of looks like we pass over not through something, but it was a Milky Way portal of vibration denoted by the 13th Zodiac Ophiuchus which radiates new higher/faster vibrations, and many began feeling  it then. By now most everyone is feeling it as the other planets in our Solar System are energetically radiating conflicting energies to each other  as an inner reflection of us; all this was designed by us in our greater state of awareness to push us as parts of the whole of this reality into transformation of a new paradigm experience. We can calculate some of what may be coming at us energetically by observing Astrology transits so this is a big help, but  there is no true way to decipher any of it accurately as we traverse uncharted vibrations which in turn are effecting the Vibration we are, which then changes us as beings and how we further vibrate.All this then changing humanities awareness within Consciousness thus we then begin to change social structures..... Our trick right now in the moment is to remember this chaos is our plan for a more beautiful balanced harmonic peaceful co-existence of equality with the whole of our planet. Mother Earth's disasters are her inner turmoil as a living breathing being of a different form, and ol Sol's turmoil are these Solar Flairs of high velocity class M & X he's spewing at us with CME's ~Magnetic winds, which are all designed by us to transform the experience of the new paradigm and next 26,000year expression. SO Hang In There the ride has just begun to pick up speed and we are bouncing around rattling over energy waves, but we will make it~~~~~~~~they assure me we will if we willing go with the flow in each moment with effort to accept the transformation we are each in our own way trying to create.(no matter how different it may seem to what we presently hold as our beliefs)We will make it!

Comments are always appreciated I just  love the idea of discussion as we get to know each as another part of ourselves at Unified Oneness. Thank You for being here


Ien in the Kootenays said...

I don't think ascension is a given, just a potential. Have you read Frances Moore Lappe's brilliant book "Eco Mind"? She calls herself a "possibilist". I like that.

Akuna Kumara said...

totally agree it is up to each of us to ascend or raise our resonance even tho each of us (no one is left behind) move into a vibrational space where it is possible if we choose to work at it...