Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's Chaos Connection to Mary Magdalen

What a month..EVERYONE is feeling chaos and tension in their own way. NO it's not necessarily all tragic or major, but often stuff the old paradigm world was consisted of that has to collapse so a new paradigm can be created. We do it in our own way to move us, to spur our awareness, so as to create in us the will to transform our live attitudes and belief systems at whatever level our soul denotes is needed to do this for personal evolution, for us to see the make up this reality in a truer more realistic way. You could be involved in major earth disaster, job, relationship, life altering change, or just some human thing like Termites eating your house out from under you or piles of expenses from things breaking down when your trying to improve other things in the physical..It's all directed in some way toward what is most important to you, to make you take notice by what ever process awakens us to start creating a new balance to deal with the vibrations of this new energy.Literally the New Energy Vibration is whats creating these events, and the level at which we experience them is in accordance with how out of harmonic balance we are with this new vibration. Now a small warning and it isn't to put anyone in fear, only to make you aware, the ride has just begun. What that means is this chaos in our world will continue until every last existing bit of physical (which is vibrating energy) finds it's harmoney of balance with this newly existing vibration of the Source Field which we entered through that portal in the Milky Way.

my problem was termites destroying what is part of my security. I'm a
Taurus ~ security (not money) is the name of my game; found in this property which I've been Earthkeeper of Energy on for many lifetimes. It is a space embedded deeply into my vibrational and cellular construct, and in this Now it pays it's own way giving shelter to a number of family units just as it did in other Native American and ancient lifetimes.  Then there is a larger issue of my adult daughter's Lupus effecting her muscle tissue so she can't  lift a 5lb box or even walk up stairs. This is a gal who was very strong compared to most men and as an infant had muscles. Of course, my frustration as a human mother is being unable to make this right for my child (45 or not she's my baby) Also pressing on this is having lost her 13mo older sister at the age of 18 to this disease. This is recognized as my self imposed soul training in acceptance to allow each being, regardless of our physical connection , to make their own choices according to their souls will and not in accordance with our human emotional connection. This is not easy to remove oneself from the emotional bond, but it is possible when one chooses to live from higher consciousness of the Heart and the Etheric Double Ka expression of the newly called Lightbody.  I've been guided to a book by Tom Kenyon "The Magdalen Manuscript" in which Mary Magdalen explains her relationship to Jesus / Yeshua and her experience of relating to this man who was her soul-mated love partner husband. She described how she was torn between her Human love emotion for him and unconditional love from her Etheral Body and task he'd accepted for the world. This is the task which our world now faces by moving into our Etheral Body to feel and think from our Heart and not from the ego mind of our physical. This is the call for all the chaos  turmoil pain suffering and frustration we are experiencing!

Comments are always appreciated and love the idea of discussion on subjects. Thank You for being here

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Allowing a loved child to suffer must be one of the hardest things. I salute your courage. Funny, May for me (Cancer with Taurus rising, you think you need security, ))the month of May was marked by an amazing surge of energy. I experienced weeks of almost perfect happiness, working the gardens in warm sunshine, stopping not because I was tired but because the day was ending and it was meal time. Husband has been incredibly sweet and helpful, money is temporarily no worry. It is fading now, and I am still behind, but it was nice while it lasted.