Friday, June 28, 2013

Try to find the Flow

Strange times just remembered how we're in a Mercury Rx..which usually doesn't have much effect in my life or at least it's never one that is taken notice of...BUT THESE ARE THE TIMES aren't they! when everything is in flux and transforming and energy in so many areas is so pronounced leaving us with some uncertain footing as the old stuff just isn't what it was. The past few months I've been moving forward at brake neck speed into this new cycle .  Then suddenly Mercury who is about fleet of foot motion forward - going - doing - communications put on the breaks and it feels like I almost broke my neck - tiz a bit painful to do this sudden halt. When Mercury goes Rx or Retrograde, it doesn't really move backward it just appears to from it's proximity here on Earth, but the energy does change in that it definitely slows action and communications in some way. As said it's always been a zip for me, neither here nor there of no consequence, but in these times seems all energies are revved up and expounded upon so as to create phenomenal change and this time around I'm feeling the Rx effect my life Action & Communications
Communications or Blogging is slow and boring, FB is repeats with much of it from wks ago, even Youtube has slowed down. My own blog is receiving almost no comments even though there are 40/50 hits and there is little of interest to read. Two tenants in the house are gone ~apparently on vacation~ but without a word which is not like either. Son working non stop eat/sleep, Hockey's is over and TV is reruns, it's to hot to soon to do much and everything needs doing, ebay movement is nil and I'm not accomplishing much on the creative end but house getting more in need of cleaning, and called daughter to say "let me know when you want me to do more Hz Balancing" , and she says "one thing at a time". Like her enthusiasm for something that worked to improve her health is on hold. This is definitely exaggerated Mercury Rx in my life and it will last for the next month till July 20th so time to figure out how to flow with this period of hurry up and wait to make it work for the greater good.

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