Friday, June 28, 2013

The Unseen Teacher Speak Again

Here we go with another day of rain when once by this time of summer our lands would be parched and pastures burned dry, living in the same area my whole long adult life I'm better able to visualize if there have been climate changes or not.

The Teachers tell me to be noticing in smaller ways what is occurring, because it's the small ways in which the planet is going to have changed whence things settle into a norm again. The massive events are but the means making possible the smaller planetary transformations. This doesn't make it any easier on those suffering from them or those of us trying to grow our food desperately trying  to work with Mother Earth, so it's natural we are going to complain in the moment. It doesn't make it more accepted when humanity still struggles with old paradigm structures of the social economics, struggling form suffered loss while still living the yet to change systems.  To hear it told this will last until beyond 2016 up to 2021 making it hard not to loose fortitude in our own power to create this new world, but this is what each one of us signed on for, thus it's ours to accomplish.

Wisely the Teachers have reminded me this Shift of energy is volatile now as it's necessary at times to collapse the old so humans have no choice but to let go and create anew. When at completion point the strife of change will
be forgotten memory of this generation which we will come to think of as  primitive for not having recognized that to match the energy of the space within which we reside, all we must do is resonate with complete equality. You seen in the beginning preparations for this Shift in Consciousness it was told us that all things within the new frequency must resonate with Loving Equality to exist, opposed to the inequality of the Haves and Havenots of the old paradigm. The revolution occurring today propels humanity toward equality of the all, which also means equal distribution of resources thus the plants base resources must change to meet this.

Eventually the Monetary Value System the world knows will collapse denigrate beneath our feet, so a new Resource Based Value System can exist out of the ashes to create this equality. These resources start with the most
valued commodity on the planet WATER. Storms which ravage the land are creating new water ways and basins around the planet so all will then have means to share the resource equally. This, if you are noticing as you are always reminded to be doing, will eventually occur with all resources. serving to not only sustain life equally but remove necessity of war and control over the valued systems. So it is some suffer drought and others flooding, this is the storm before the calm of what is called the New Golden Age on Earth of equality in a Resource Based Value System.

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