Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Are Our Ancestors

Started reading a book written by a healer..many call themselves Past Life Healers cause this is what they work on, this gal calls herself a DNA Healer this is how I found her book as I'm aware our programing for specific diseases are a result of ancestral memory or past lives carried in the cellular structure of our DNA. Yes it's a proven scientific fact and this is why doing past life regression help often to cure our illnesses (physical and mental) as well as persona problems.  I'd just opened the book when the light bulb turned on.

"How do we know that what we call Past Lives is really our own and not the memory of our Ancesters lives if all this is carried in our DNA programing."

The Unseen Teachers said: "You Don't! The lives most prominent in memory which grant you personality are the ones you most easily can call yours. The ones with programing that crops up only upon trauma my belong to very distant Ancestors. That sounds like a fine line,  in actuality it is no line going beyond being a blur, as we remind you ALL IS ONE thus Inner-connected, and with this, part of you as your blood and the  energy that is you." They continued to say: "You are aware you incarnate in soul groups over and over again to play out life's expression, so you are most likely your own ancestor which makes your ancestor as well as your past life."

Now that was a bomb shell of pulling separate thoughts together, and as logical as they made that sound, it is honestly a realization I'd never quite contemplated that way before regardless of knowing the facts they seemed to be separate realizations. How I don't know because I've been saying for years we play many different roles over our soul experiences such as we could of been our daughters sister in aother life and our mate could of been our mother, or our father today could of been our son in the past. I simply never associated this as also relating to the programing in our DNA when it came to things like disease. This also put a whole new slant on what we call karma which we think we come back to right with others, cause we are in reality often returning to right it with ourselves from those other roles in past lives as our ancestors.
We are our past lives ~ We were our ancestors!

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

And here I thought "he was his own grampa" to be a joking comment on hillbilly bloodlines....But seriously, this is fascinating. I have become very aware of how our individual lives are like sentences in a longer family story. I can see certain themes in my daughter's life emerging that come right through the maternal lineage. I am not talking about mother/daughter dynamics, but about wider life themes. Not saying more because my girl is teaching me to be more discreet.