Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Wave A Magic Wand Over It

With gardens early demise isn't much to do. Even kale and chard planted two weeks ago aren't doing ????? other than the cool nights can't figure it but notice lots of chemtrail lately, guess it doesn't matter where food comes from..writing is on the wall it's all being left up to how one can program the body to respond...or not...Many in the area having
same problem~it's hit or miss..  Given me time to at least pull weeds ~a mindless chore of necessity allowed to slip beyond my view far to long with all this rain...but it's still there, the plantings that is, that the deer killed off last winter...fruits of years of labor gone astray with son and his following of cornhounds. I'd get upset, but this is just one more worldly projection of how the old program is collapsing within my vibration, so look upon as a good thing and when timing is right we'll start anew. This time son is working for a landscaper, has know how and means for discounts that count$ on plants that deer don't savor.

Off to get the mop cut IF they have an opening, hopefully a good supply of frozen Wild Alaskan Salmon before it's all nuked from the Fukushima spread along the Pacific coast, pick up iridescent craft paint, clay, and finish coat that will dry quicker than the one I'm using on the Wands...they're the only thing that get coated to keep their color fresh from hand use which pendants don't get. To boost sales may have to go a bit more pagan with  descriptions. Not being pagan or any one religious belief system that gets hard cause it's not natural thought process, notice the Wicca Pagan Witch stuff get better sales than the the Reiki healer Lightworker...a sign of where peoples heads are and probably result of Harry Potter, Twilight and a few other cultish movie influences brainwashing whole generations. Time is past for judgements on beliefs though; time to take up accepting people for who they are in their hearts not what they are or their beliefs. I'm an NCIS Abby fan for sure and what a fantastic example she is of what we love to love to judge.. What better way than to begin trying to merge acceptance than through the crystals here to help heal the world at this time. Maybe I should try waving a magick wand over ebay, garden, Syria and the World. The simplest of acts can be so powerful!

Below a few of the more resent healing wand creations...

Comments are always appreciated and love the idea of discussion on subjects. Thank You for being here

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

They are beautiful! Is there any other way than e-bay to buy your creations? I would love a pendant but hate fussing with the auction thing.