Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seems Blogger doesn't want me here nothing working right

Thank You for being here WoW this is crazy something not working on Blogger or Google they tell me to correct cookies, did all I can every which way but loose...and it still doesn't want me when I'm on Firefox and it's not working correct on Explorer but I somehow got in and am typing ...if it posts is another story. Now over all I'm seeing this as the way the universe is telling me to get out of blogging it's not real life...and even though it's nice to share it's not nice that others seem to think they can invade your privacy to Spy on you...not that an old gal has or does anything anyone would be really interested in, however their spying makes it possible to use you against yourself say nothing of hacking into any think you may do financially so it's best to keep yourself as private and possible and this space is part of Google the largest intovator of this thus's the ethics of not being able to share what you desire with those who you feel you want to share it, without outsiders overseeing your moves... I'm taking this as a new wave in my life to find more truth and ethics on a daily basis rather than steeping myself in the vibration of unethical behavior of those with the attitudes of Eletist Control over others... Friends I'm not so sure you will see me around much on the internet.. its all pretty much been said and those open to hearing have heard what they choose and those who are just awaking may hear more from others of a different generational vibration more attuned in to them than myself.... got enough to do keeping up with getting the new vibration out there through items which are channeled and then created with the vibration other are seeking, it's work meeting ebay sales and other venues.....maybe this is my new paradigm program of living in higher vibration??? we can only flow with where the energy is taking us if we truly desire harmony in this new cycle..and at first it may not always appear to be what we desire, we~as I've been doing for a while may resist, but if we go with it they say we will find it more than meets our expecations and desires for finding our joy.... So See You Around When Things Work With Ease to be here. Otherwise know I do think of you all, send Love with Light for your Highest Joy. aKuna Kumara

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