Friday, April 25, 2014

CAUTION Turtle Crossing at the Blood Moon Eclipse

 I got some  little friends promoting the powerful Blood Moon and Cardinal Grand Cross energy..
bought this piece months ago to take apart  for jewelry makings as Healing Tools to sell, forgot about it cause each time I thought about cutting it apart, was told no. Then during meditation the other day the message was to wear it during this  period of the Eclipse's and Grand Cross, after basking in the Blood Moon Eclipse energy April 15th and again in Grand Cross energy April 22/23.

Many think this connection of applying Crystals an occult belief, but it's Science not magick!!!! Everything carries vibrating energy of Source Field/God/All That Is, and when two of these energies are  place together they merge to become one. So when we wear things such as natural earth stones their vibration merges with ours, when done with intention it gives the merging purpose and direction of energy to act upon then creating a change. As both absorb the others energy, humans embrace the stone character and the stones require a cleansing of ours so it doesn't carry us into the next application. Unseen or not it's natures science not occult.

This beautiful necklace is UNAKITE
found in shades of Pink Feldspar and Green Epidote with Quartz. It's easily cut into forms and these beads have 2 small Detailed Turtles. The perfect companion for the Blood Moon energy Turtle Grid which brings in energy to radiate cleansing human belief of EGO which no longer serves our need and well being in the new vibration Earth holds. Ego was designed for survivals flight or fight. Human ego developed out of balance when used toward judgement and thinking Better Than, with our beliefs being Right and others Wrong if not the same. The Blood Moon carries energy to help
us balance Ego to it's rightful place so we can relate to all other with acceptance of their path is right for them and what their soul designed for their Earth experience.

UNAKITE helps bring consciousness into the present moment, known as the Rebirthing Stone because it removes energy blocks from past ego emotional,even removing root cause of disease, healing spirit mental physical, by creating a cleared path for new energy to flow for new evolutionary growth. These little Turtles are a slow and gentle energy to help enhance the intention of energy from the Blood Moons and Grand Cross configurations.

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