Friday, April 18, 2014

Consciousness Grid and Raising Frequency to Higher Dimensions

After realizing that the energy shed upon Earth from the Blood Moon was about humanity releasing Ego, spiritual guidance sent me to books to categorize events in my thinking. Scanning books about past world events which pre-dated written history, most of which have little or no validation coming from channeled sources, other than one by a geologist I found through "Barbara Hand Clow's Catastrophobia" who states evidence of a cataclysm 11,000 year ago, correlating to the Fall of mankind. Last book checked was "The Mayan Ouroboros by Drunvalo Melchizedek", which is the true prophecy given by the Mayan Elders to him, not the screwed up version promoted by media selling hyped fear of 12/21/20112. Much of the prophecy, previously unrevealed, tells how the Mayan lived in Atlantis when a group of misguided scientists built a pyramid off the coast of Bimini(modern science has discovered it), which is the source of chaos in the world today, as it was built to create a Mer-Ka-Ba field to control the entire world. They lost control of their synthetic power structure which contained the blueprint of the universe, and it split open the energy level between third and
forth dimension allowing other levels of consciousness to enter, which humanity on earth was not prepared to deal with and went insane and began dying from infestations, this is known as the FALL in the Christian Bible.

This split in dimensions destroyed the Human Energy Consciousness Grid surrounding the planet, the loss of electromagnetics caused complete insanity and loss of memory. (The first Russian cosmonaut on Mir Space Stationo lost memory and went insane when they went into space, it happend to a second cosomnot which was the same as what  what happened with the world population from the zero electromagnetics when the Consciousness Grid split. Since anyone going into space beyond 2weeks must wear a preventive devise.) The Nakkals who were Ascended Masters living on earth at that time of Atlantis received permission to create a process to return memory to the same level as it had been prior to the split so memory could be returned and humanity continue without totally starting over.

This was to be done over a period of time through the process of Geomancy, a system of applying objects to effect the energy in certain areas of the planet, which then raises and changes the energy on the planets surface rebuilding the energy above the planet. This is the same process many use today, by placing Crystals and Stones in Grid patterns on a smaller scale to transform energy. The effort went out around the globe and as mankind meditatred or prayed they received instructions to build
sacred structures, which are todays Pyramids, Churches, Sacared Stone Structures, constructed and connected by the Geopath or Hartmann Lines commonly known as Ley Lines.

~~ WALA ~~ there it was! These sacred energy sites had been built in 4th dimensional energy, then errected physically in 3rd dimension to reconstruct,  through the process of evolution, the Consciousness Grid which had been destroyed. The Grids reconstruction is at the point now, having restored memory, that  it's deemed necessary we the present day humans must release our Ego based belief systems of control and fear created at the time of the Fall when the dimensions split. It is necessary for humanity to release EGO  based Belief Systems so the Consciousness Grid can continue restoring to a higher level of consciousness and we step into the next higher dimensional reality.      If we don't ``````````````````````````?

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