Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blood Moon Energy Remove EGO Belief Systems

These are powerful times, and just like when we don't listen to the warning voice of our body and it then becomes diseased or ill, when we don't listen to warnings from our HigherSelf/Soul with intuitive information to help us walk our path, we then stumble. Many times  we end-up angry with ourselves because not listening was hurtful, then watched as I we're given a harder course to learn the same lesson. It takes a long time to completely trust the voice within, still we tend to question it with more worldly perceptions than what it usually offers. ~~~of course we would as it's not a worldly voice but soul which is pure and does not place earth human judgement upon things, allowing us to experience all in our own way.  It's how soul helps us learn the lessons we incarnated to learn on our path of the souls enlightenment process. This Blood Moon Eclipse of April 15th 2014 is speaking directly to us now, saying it's time to trust the inner voice as Divine Energy is taking us to new levels  as we are in the last phases of creating the new vibrational grid layer for the new Higher Dimensional Frequency Earth reality.

This Blood Moon Eclipse energy offers huge vibrational upgrades if we accept them. The past few years I've blogged a site with very low vibration beings who insult and judge others. Continually I talked myself into staying, because if only one soul was awaken to higher vibration it would be worth my effort. Finally the site didn't work for me April 16th.. Not coincidence it happened immediately after the first in the Blood Moon series showering earth with energy making it possible for humanity to strip it's beingness of  EGO belief systems. This is the first of many steps for humanity to remove EGO which is a 3rd Dimensional Polarity element. This has been explained very clearly in the Mayan Prophecies, how a 4th dimensional vibration forms a layer over 3rd dimensional Earth and beings remaining in the 3rd D will be unaware of those in 4th D, and those of 4th working toward 5th D will not experience the trauma or disasters occurring in 3D reality. If we are to step into this new Earth frequency which has vibrationally formed  a new dimension, we must be devoid of 3D ego base belief. To do this we must remove ourselves the density of old paradigm beliefs which create it, and it seems for  me this means removing myself from people (at least in the virtual world) who continue to hold onto the 3rd dimensional polarity programing.  Our job is done in the 3rd density vibrational reality, if we are choosing the new higher vibration reality we must now give full consciousness to creating this overlay vibration as our New Earth Reality.

I'm sensing the the next Blood Moon Eclipse may ask us to do more separating from those in our physical experience, not just in cyberspace or with inanimate belief systems. For now this is more than challenging for us to work on with full commitment to our evolutionary process.



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