Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It was Clock Work Blood Moon last night

Something rather strange has happened last night regarding time. We're born with an inner clocks, along our evolutionary path we forgot to wind it.  Mine however, kept perfect time for years, while working close to Mother Earth. That changed when taking a night nurse job when unable to risk being late so used an alarm; Quickly the inner clock ran down.  It started working again when I retired and was again close to Mother Earth, only for waking  though,as I continued to look at the mechanical clock  for appointments.  Last night there was a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, first of a series I wanted to see, but the weather didn't cooperate. In-spite of rain I woke up on the button of our viewing start time and again when it was to be at peak, then also at my normal 5am rise time, all without an alarm. Wonderful confirmation that my inner clock is again running exact time, and I can forget watching the clock day or night appointments. These Blood Moons are made reference to in all the Holy Books in all religions and they should be taken as a pivotal time for change on Earth.

Something more ...Last night TV gave eclipse times and had a blurb about studies on how the blind often have what is now considered a 24/7 disease of their inner clock not knowing day from night. Along with my over night auto waking I take this as important sync/message form my Higher Mind pointing me in a direction to be noticing what is occurring in and around me with my natural inner clock and Mother Earths heart beat. The sensing is this re-setting of our inner clock is important at this time for humanity. It has something to do with the planets Magnetic North movement and the projected Magnetic Flip Earth may take soon if this warning for our health is an indicator here, in that if it occurs it will be easier for the human body to adjust to the magnetics if the natural inner clock is working properly. If it isn't it could be physically life threatening by our being out of magnetic alignment with Earth and the Solar System. I'm also being shown if our body is attuned to Mother Earths heart beat we are healthier, adding to longevity, avoiding illness, lessening chance of addictive disorders. It also regulates functions of the Pineal Gland for opening the 3rdEye and reawakening of our natural abilities  such as telepathy and connecting to other dimension

I can see this is the reason I've chosen the practice of Earthing Barefoot in warm weather and sleeping on an Earthing Pad during cold months, as it's been an aid for resetting my inner clock. Something I've been drawn to share so others my see it's importance, so they too can work at become more in tune with the planets heart beat by resetting their inner magnetics and inner clock which when working is indication of being in healthy balance, well prepared for future Earth events.

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